STEEM - It is Time For Big Changes - Dobartim Proposal

Creativity, loyalty, respect and cooperation are key advantages that can make a difference compared to all other projects. Old leaders and today's HIVE witnesses have made so many ugly moves because they are not creative. If you look at all the applications that exist it is just a copy of already existing projects. The old DPOS system is pure capitalism and gives very little chance to new and poor users to become successful. Only investors and those in that circle make money, maybe some changes are being made, but they are far from democracy and decentralization. I didn’t get a HIVE airdrop like my brother @flysky 270,000, Koreans and many others were left without a HIVE airdrop because they disagreed with HIVE leaders. Democracy progresses only when there are different opinions when everyone can give their maximum contribution. If we want to progress then we need creativity, we need leaders and users to bring together changes that will be more users and activity-oriented. I’m sorry for everyone who lost the airdrop, I’m sorry that all this nonsense has happened because many are fed up with all of these things. A system that restricts people from commenting, writing posts, posting photos, a system that restricts activity cannot become a strong social network. We need to get out of the model of capitalism and the DPOS system and make changes that will really bring mass adoption all over the world.


I know that disloyal users and those who use a negative campaign are a problem because they take money from the reward pool. But even today we see that Steem users are rewarding their circle of people and that the DPOS system has a limited effect and thus there can be no chance of mass adoption. Decentralized Proof of Activity Stacking is the future that will bring evolution to the blockchain world. I love Steem and I want to help him, I wrote a lot of posts about marketing and change but there was no time for anyone to recognize what I was saying. Now we are working on projects that will separate us from the average, it is simply time to become original and become a real social network.

Do poor countries and people want to be part of a system where they have to ask people who have money to vote for their post? There is not enough dignity in the DPOS system, simply only investors and those who have the power to vote can make money on posts. Why not reward the activity, why not introduce an affiliate in three levels instead of 50-50% and be 50% - 25% -12.5% ​​-12.5%. This would allow users to have an interest in inviting other people, friends and family, as they do not have to invest to thrive in the system. This is just a small part of the whole system that we will build together with the company and the best active users.


Hate and revenge are just a reflection of weakness, creativity and creating new value is the right thing for all users and to gain trust. It doesn't matter how many of us there are, it is important to create a new Steem Tron system in which we will see new moments and innovations of the DPAS system. If I were @justinsunsteemit I would make a new hard fork, I would introduce innovations for mass adoption and a system that rewards users for activity instead of stacking. It is best to make a combination of stacking and activities, it would be the driving force that would bring new growth and mass adoption of the social blockchain network.

It's time to wake up, we have a lot of dissatisfied users who want to see change. The trending page is always the same, there are always the same people on it. Developers are the main ones in the world of blockchain, instead of creating a combination between a businessman and a developer, and together with bloggers and active users, they would achieve a new dimension of success. Our strength is in diversity, now our system looks like we are only on one side, we need to be together with the whole world. Users are hungry for our support, they want to feel powerful innovations and be rewarded for their work. They want to feel safe when they invest their time, money and knowledge.


It's time for a new Hard Fork, new projects will appear soon that will be imitation, innovation and we should not stay at this level. We need to unite together, to understand that we had one experience that gives us the knowledge that we can develop further towards creative projects. The winners are those who are ready for quick changes, creative innovations and positive projects. We have the strength, desire and morale to make a big boom, but only if we have the right support and innovation in the system.

Do we really want Steem to become the strongest social network? Now new projects are being prepared and we need to wake up and take new steps that will strengthen our users and positions. FORKERS is a name that will become recognizable throughout the blockchain, prepare for many new surprises to come. All information and news about the DPAS system can be found on our discord channel

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


See you on the top @dobartim
We win together - Welcome to Steem Schools
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Finally the most advanced vision with real application for blockchain,
I hope hive and steem blockchain governances would follow this brilliant vision so they can progress and support all communities.
Thank you @dobartim

Steem Tron on


HIVE just copied things, they don’t do anything new.

  ·  작년

Time is for new and original, good vision thank you

Love your insight! Thanks for this.


Thank you for kind words

You are a fantastic writer and thinker, and I sincerely hope that @justinsuntron lends you his ear.

I think you've got concepts that can restore glory to steem.

Thank you.


Thank you for these wonderful words, this post will be heard by those who will change the world of blockchain.

This post has been rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project. #communitycuration04


Thank you, see you on the top

That is correct and I support this vision from @dobartim That is only future for any social media blockchain



I hope Hive and Steem Blockchain governances accept new vision from @dobartim and only way in your vision
This is number one post on both entire blockchains combined in last 5 years


Steem is an original story and innovation, it’s time to change and be at the top of the blockchain world.

this was real vision that should guide future of any social media blockchain. Thank you for supporting steem platform and all communities members here. Thank you @dobartim


Thanks for kind comment

Nadam se da ti je jasno da je Steem totalno centralizovan i da Justin Sun moze preko noci da ti oduzme iz walleta sve sto imas.


Isto je i HIVE centralizovan i mnogo je losiji od Justina Suna


Ne trudi se objasnit, ne razumi on to.

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A system that restricts people from commenting, writing posts, posting photos, a system that restricts activity cannot become a strong social network.

No user is restricted from commenting, writing posts, posting photos on Hive. Only Steem blocked many accounts from transacting.

Old leaders and today's HIVE witnesses have made so many ugly moves because they are not creative. If you look at all the applications that exist it is just a copy of already existing projects.

Most projects moved from Steem to Hive. They are not copy of old projects, they are old projects. I didn't saw any hackaton on Steem, but on Hive there were 13 new apps created in 2 weeks. LINK

Here are some stats from 3 days ago - link.

Daily number of votes

Daily number of account transacting

As you can see, there was big drop in both account and votes, since was shut down. There is less than 15k users left on Steem, but over 5k is Splinterlands, which is moving to Hive on June 1st.

Check out this dApp tracker:
Steemit is on 8th place with only 1600 daily users, and combined have almost twice as many users.

Once Splinterlands move to Hive and in 1 month most Hive users will power down their Steem and left, we will see which chain have more users and better dApps.

P.S. Sorry, I replied to wrong post with this comment yesterday.