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We arrive at the shadow of our past to the level of wise knowledge, the octave of new plans breaks insomnia in the wildest dreams. In your time, one minute is the eternity that takes on the wings of love, every moment is magical because quality means much more than quantity.


The celestial canvas of imagination pushes for the last place in the linguistic arrangement, innovation drives volcanic emotions to burn negative thoughts. It naturally and forever finds us in the hidden quarters of the mind and soul, weakness is covered with brave deeds

The esoteric beauty in the butterfly flight gives the essence of the beauty of your closeness, we subdued habits and shared new premiums with feelings. The untouchable passion and eternal thoughts of the emotional being together make something wonderful, time gives the signals of a new kiss.

Surprised by the general conditions of romantic life, we create an illusion of happiness, in the centre of the essence, there is your aura and self-awareness. Music is free in the senses of pre-existing talents, your hands are the light that gives strength to succeed.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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Hi @dobartim, as always really love reading your romantic poetry, full of love and passion.

I remember in the past you have written many interesting articles about finance and cryptocurrency, that I really enjoyed reading. I do not know if you are aware about a new challenge that is run by@steemitblog dedicated to the Birthday of Bitcoin end of October. I was wondering if you would like to take part in it. I am attaching this link maybe you will be in the mood of writing your experience :)



Dear @stef1, I no longer see a reason to write marketing, education and other things on our platform because everything has become a parody.
Everything else is the same only other people are involved. There are differences and instead of the progress we see stagnation. I write poetry on Steemit, but I don't see the point anymore. People for votes do everything, my character doesn't allow me to do that and here I am at the bottom of the whole story.


It is a shame to hear that but I felt that something is changed in you. I do understand what you mean, the people and the current attitude is brewed by current situation and how the Steemit Team is running it.

I can understand them that on one hand they want that small accounts will build up some SP and then they want to back up and leave people to communicated, give upvotes and be themselves.

On other hand they do not realize that many are new and when they come they already got used to receive and be upvoted just because they post about the topic that is given.

The real aim of social platform that has communication in the first instance is gone. That is why now the activity is more linked and once the Steemit blog stop all their supporting work I am afraid that many will leave, who know may be there will be just a dozen of users.

It is bad but on and off those thoughts come to us too, we ask ourselves how long we will still be here and what is the future. It will be sad to know that everything was done for nothing.

Nevertheless, I was glad to hear your opinion and we will see what happens. Wishing you nice week :)


Dear @stef1, I don't want to talk about the details because a big cloud would rise. You are smart and you see everything with your eyes. I was on Steem side - I didn't get a hive. I stayed here and I understand that Koreans, etc., vote for themselves because they did not receive a hive - it is a kind of compensation. I gave ideas, made parts with some developers, the same people do my projects and I'm not in them!
Of all the friends who communicate with me, it’s mostly to give them money or to help them (bring people in, do marketing, etc.) mostly for 0 money, while the idiots around them are filled with money. I made my product with the Steem logo, no one cares about that, I was attacked by people from Hive as if I had hijacked the idea around Kombucha (I have been making Kombucha and other products for 20 years).
New projects are being developed and we stand with the same idea that is slowly becoming obsolete. I have my own business and I am committed to my goals, I am sorry for what I am saying and I hope that someday something will change for the better (in the first place in people).

@dobartim when ever I come into this school to to read your poetry, I always see myself adapting to your inspiring words...
the first line "We arrive at the shadow of our past to the level of wise knowledge, the octave of new plans breaks insomnia in the wildest dreams. " this has given me a new level of thinking for the best of tomorrow.
thanks for sharing sir

#affable #onepercent #nigeria

Hi @dobartim

I understand you very well
I have also had my thoughts several times about what to do next. But then I decided to fight for Steem because I believe it has the right to life even if the split came. Fortunately, several of us continued to fight for Steem and some also joined me in World of Xpilar. I would think that we need 1 more year 2 for us to get a stable steem value and we become the leading blog community with blockchain.
Today I am glad that the split came and that many of the witnesses we trusted to actually deceive us. Now they are gone and it is possible to breathe here again.


Respected @xpilar
The people who ruined Steem are gone, the point is to innovate and get creative ideas and creative people to get support. If there are the right people, the right programmers who won’t betray us, we can raise the value of Steem and make millions in the next few months.


Agree with you

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