Hello everyone greetings to you all ,hope we all doing good . Am happy and pleased to be part of the family it's actually my first time participating in this platform, I don't really know the rules or how things are done here and am opened for correction. I will be writing about passion so to start I will like to define passion base on my own understanding, passion to me means anything you love doing despite all oath and challenges that come with it . Knowing what I was passionate about took me a lot of time to fine out , it was not really easy at first I had interest in dancing,but I couldn't really go far in it cause my family never gave me the chance, and I couldn't finance it secondly singing . singing is something I really love doing, any time I sing , it give me this inner peace ,comfort and joy actually
it's something my family never really loved but they couldn't stop me from doing as they came to realize that it's the only thing that makes me happy ,and also the saw the effort I put in it , so they really hard no choice than to give me a go ahead . After giving up on my dancing passion I came to learn a lot as I was really got hurt so after that experience I said to myself never to ever give up on anything I love. when I discovered my passion for music I had to put in my all and It's working out well for me . The simple thing I will say is never give up on your dream keep pushing ,keep working hard , and never forget to put God first thanks

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