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The basic social unit is family. It can be defined as a union between two or more people related by blood, marriages and adoption. It is also refers to a group of people who are related by blood, marriage and adoption.

There are two types of family, namely nuclear and extended family system. In Africa, the extended family system is commonly practice in almost every society. But the presence of Europeans into the motherlands of African countries has led to the collapsed of it's family system.Everyone is his brother keeper in the extended family system. Elders control, care and ensure good moral behavior of children in the family. Emotional and economic support is enjoy in this setting.
Nuclear family is not hundred percent to promote good moral behavior on African soil because of number of reasons. It does not also help to promote the values of the various community. .
Inspite of this nuclear family is also having some merits of which it is beneficial for the development of Africa societies.
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