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Firstly, know what is a plant.
A plant is a living thing that grows in the earth, it has his root in the earth and produces stems, leaves and branches.

In an advanced reasoning, plant are living thing that provides all the energy for the ecosystem. In a wider explanation, plant traps direct energy from the sun in a process called photosynthesis and absorbs necessary nutrients from the soil to produce their own food which we humans(man) consume for survival.

Regardless of theses three kinds of plants (grains, fruit plants and, grasses), they all serve as food for consumption.

A world without plant means no existence, no form, chaos in the sight. the reason why there is life in planet earth, is because of the existence of plant, so if there is no plant there is no earth. It will look like everyother planet that living thing can't survive on

Importance of plants to man.

The level of importance of a material determines the value we attach to it.

So, let's start like this.

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Plant is a crucial ingredient to mans survival, simply because they produced the oxygen man take in for metabolism, they are raw material that man needs for survival. So without plant, man existence on earth will be short lived. As there will be little or no oxygen to survive.

As technology continue to advance and improve, man may decided to make oxygen mechanically, but it has not answered up to 10% of what plant answers for man.

Look at this;

•Man get food from plant,
•Man build shelter from plants,
•Man get materials for clothings from plants.

When this three basic necessities for survival are in the list, then every other things are in its shadows.

I ask my self this question: when man can't survive without plant, then can plant survive without man?

The answer is quite simple and it a fat NO just as man needs oxygen from plant, plant needs carbon (iv) oxide (co2) from man. So I can confidently say its a symbiotic relationship. Where both parties need each other to survive.

The mind may want to think that, with all this carbon emission, plant still needs man. Yes! They do because it is the activities of man that results to this carbon emission. So they need each other, that's the conclusion to that.


with my years of experience, I believe farming can be a life style. When many people hear the word farm, the run with their legs touching their back. They are afraid of the task, stress and labor that comes with it.

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My dad is a farmer and also a police man, he does not miss his work and he also does not abandon his farm. You know parents from the 1970, many of them are farmers just Like my parents

But when the world system began to shift, change in location begin to set in, then some ran from farming as it has been their long dream. Others kept farming in small scale like myself and others took it as a busines(commercial farming).

Both commercial and substantial farming don't really need your labour, as long as you have the capacity to hire labourers. And your profit will make you smile after sales or the harvest will be bounty and you will eat with joy.

Nigeria is running back to agriculture when they found out that the crude oil that generate most of her revenue is wasting away(depleting). Even more so, the advancement in technology will constitute an alternative to crude oil. therefore, countries with crude oil will have to give out their oil for very little or no fee.

Like during the covid 19 pandemic where the price of oil went very low and some country gave it out for free and Nigeria sold theirs for as low as $5 per barrels.

Don't run from agriculture, farming. Farmers are the ones who will survive more when farmine hits any land. If you doubt ask me in the comment. I encourage everyone today, please plant a tree in your compound, it could be a fruit or a flower.

The rate at which trees are cut down is something to worry about, the birds in the air needs shelter. I have other things to say but it seems this post is now too long.

Please own a garden, own a plant and grow them, a farmer is not supposed to be described as a poor man. It only in your eyes you see them as poor. Riches does not show in the forehead.

I decided to make this article on steemit to answer the question

Have a nice day.
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