A Beautiful Evening 🌅is a hope of new good Morning🌄

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Helo dear steemians of steem school community. I am here to tell you the features of an evening wich is the end of our day.As it brings the darkness so,we feel some sadness at evening time.but i think this is the wrong feeling of my people.we think about its darkness only and do not have the sense of its beautiful great features.Do we not have the sense to look and admire the Golden light of the evening wich enriches the the bodies golden before its full arrival.
So,this pleasant arrival of evening gives us the news of new good morning,if we think positively about an evening.
This beautiful evening sight presents a very pleasant and exciting scene.when this Golden light is poured on all the things,they brightened very handsomly.it means that every evening is a symbol of new morning.morning can not come before evening and pleasures come after griefs.
It all depends on our positive or negative feelings.An evening is full of darkness and fears ,if we think negatively.It is a pleasant and enjoying, if we feel positively about our evening.

I seriously observed this matter of evening last day at evening.i suddenly viewed this scene and stooed with pleasure.I made some snaps of the evening sights with golden light.then i went to my village and saw another beautiful scene of the Golden light of evening on the dried trees and grass.It was very amazing sight all was looking like the glittering Gold.All the surrounding things were looked golden.

At the end i want to express that an evening is not only start of darkness but also brings a royal beautiful pleasant golden moments with it to provide us the chance of pleasure and enjoyment.It is not frightful but a fair news of our new good morning.So,enjoy it inspite of fearfulness.


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