"Greenery🌱🌲🌳🌴🌿☘️" is the Life of our lives @Earth🌍

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Helo dear steemians,stay blessed and carry on your job on steem schools on steemit.com. it is the real plateform of our success & pleasure.
My today's topic is much important for all over the world @Greenery.
I want to tell you the importance of greenery on the Earth. We can say that greenery is the life of our lives on the Earth. Dear steemian greenery(trees,plants,grasses,bushes and crops) have a lot of importance in our life because,life can not exists without Oxygen gass,and oxygen gass could not be provided without greenery.All the greenery on this earth produces oxegen gass.
Secondly greenery absorbs the cabondioxide gass,wich is a harmful gass for our life. Carbondioxide gass harms the ozone lair witch protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays. All the alieve bodies creat Carbondioxide gass during their respiration.
This is the end of july and start of Auguest. This season is much important for the greenery because this is the suitable season for tree plantaion.we all should take part in this compaign to encourage or enhance the greenery on this Earth wich is our home.we should raise slogans,conduct meetings and arrage the special copmaigns to increase the greenery and tree plantation.
Some countries are loosing the number of trees, forests and meadows,we should struggle to stop this activity and tell them the dangers of less greenery on the earth.


We shoul plant the trees on the sides of our roads.it has the double advantage.first these trees will provide the shulters and shadows to the travellers and second we will achieve the task of increasing the greenery.
deficiency of greenery causes many losses such as,
1:Increase in carbondioxide.
2:deficiency of oxygen gass for our life.
3:sudden changes in weather(heavy rains,thunderstorm and huge floods)
4:Global warming(heigh temperature).
5:increase of cancer and other skin diseases.


I request all the human beings to think about the future of existance of our generation on the earth.they will not be able to respirate on this Earth without Oxygen.
Come and resolute that we will stop the cutting of greenery. We will increase the plantation on the Earth.


Special thanks

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