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Hello guys how are you today..!
Sure everything's okay.

I tell you about my day..!

After I got up early I did my duty to perform the morning prayer, my wife also got up to perform the morning prayer, after the morning prayer I drank a melon waiting for my wife to cook for breakfast.



My son would join me for breakfast, finish breakfast my son would put on his school uniform, and after he put on my shirt I would drop my son off at school, the little boy would come with me to take him to school.


I went home to get ready to go to school, since today my schedule is to teach at the SDN school my neighborhood lives. At 8:00 a.m., I reached the school and had students and students gather in one classroom to read yasin's letter together.


After reading their yasin, they dispersed to go into each other's classes. The first nine o 'clock in the morning I went to the first classroom to teach the islamic studies the principal had prescribed. At 10 am I finished teaching the first grade, I went inside the school office for a short break and had a drink we talked about the exam problem with students and students.


At 10:30 am I went into class 2 to teach islamic studies, I explained the lesson, and I also gave them homework to do at home.

At 11:30 we all came home from school, and after I got home I had eaten and showered to get ready for Friday.


At 14:30 I went to the barber shop to get a haircut, and there was already someone else ahead of me, and I had to wait in line to get a haircut.


At 16:30 my wife and I went to the medical center to check on my son, who had been in a little hot for two days, and at the doctor's mother's hospital checked him out and gave him a syrup to cool him down.


At 6:00 p.m. I went to take my son to the meeting place to study the Koran.

So tell me about my day..!


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