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Greetings to all of you .Hello every one .I hope u guys are fine .Its nice to work with steemit .I am very thankful to sir @dobartim who gave us a chance show your ability on this platform .Today my post define the culture of pakistan.

،Culture can be defined as all the behaviors ,ways of life ،arts ,belief,and instituions of population that are bassed down from generation to generation
Culture has been called the way of life for an entire society
Pakistan has four provinces ,punjab,sindh,balochistan ,and khyber pakhtunkhawa
The culture of each province is different from other province

Culture of Punjab



Punjab is a Province of Pakistan .punjab is persian word meaning the land of five rivers
Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan in Terms of Population .The Capital of Punjab province is Lahore .it is the second largest province of punjab in Terms of area . its total area is 205344 kilmeters secure.The total population of punjab province is about 11 million .it has 36 districts and 127 tehsil .The provisional language of punjab is punjabi .But in this province many language besides ,urdu ,and english are spoken .

In 1960 ,the city of islamabad was built in the province of punjab .The most important wars of history were fought in punjab ،including the wars of 1965 and 1971

Punjab is the most densely populate province of pakistan .Every crop is cultivated in this province .The climate of punjab province is mild
And every festival is celebrated in this province according to its culture .
Popular venues entertainment of in punjab are include Minare Pakistan and Bad shahi mosque
The land of punjab mostly plain .The people of punjab are simple .They eat simple food .people of punjab are hospitable .Most of the people of punjab are rural areas



Fresh milk and fresh vegetable are available in villages .This includes butter corn bread and mustard greens .punjab produce most potatoes A lot of potatoes are sent to other countries from punjab .The cities produce most potatoes include ,kasur,okara,and pakpattan

If we talk about culture the culture of punjab are shalwar and kameez .This is a simple dress .
The cultural dance of punjab are bhangra

Culture of Sindh



Sindh is a province of punjab .it is the second largest province of pakistan in terms of populations.karachi is the largest city of is also the capital of sindh province
It is considered to be the cradle of ancient culture .The total area of sindh province is 140914 kilometers secure.its provincial language is sindhi .There are 29 districts and 119 tehsils .
In sindh ,customs,tradions,and culture are celebrated with great enthusiasm.Sindhi ajrak and sindhi topi are famous all over the world

The daily food in most sindhi households consists of wheat based flat bread and rice accompained by two dishes
One gravy and one dry with curd ,papad ,and pickle

Culture of Balochistan



Balochistan is a province of pakistan .Balochistan is tha largest province of pakistan in terms of area .The capital of Balochistan is Quetta
Afghanistan in the north of balochistan ank KPK
and the arabian sea to the south .punjab and sindh to east and iran to the west .
Total area of balochistan province is 347190 kilmeters secure ,Balochistan cover and a area of 832km from the iranian border .Balochistan is remembered by the name of Maaka.

Urdu,balochi ,and brahui languages are spoken in balochistan .balochistan has 32 districts and 86 union councils.balochistan province is rich in a natural resources where oil ,gas ,and other minerals are abundant

The weather of balochistan is mostly dry ,while some places it is very cold .

Sweet dish of balochistan is seh color jelly kheer
Prominent baloch dishes such as the lamb skewed sajji .


Dampukht is also as balochi dish which meat and its cooked in fats

Culture of Khyber Paktunkhawa




Khyber pakhtukhawa is a provice pakistan
The capital of kpk is peshawar .Kpk cover an a area of about 28773 square miles .peshawar is the largest city of kpk .The climate is is very cold in winter and a vert hot in summer


Kpk is famous for beautiful valleys ,its beautiful valleys include swat,kalam,upper naran ,kagan
Many foreign tourists come here every year


Swat,kalam is called the piece of land in Switzerland ,because many of the scenery here comes from the mountains region of switzerland
People here are very hospitabe .kpk is the part of pakistan where all four season are found


Shola is a tradition recepie of kpk .Rice haleem ،chiplikabab ,tikka ,and mutten karahi are most famous dishes .

I hope u like my post ،now i am stopping here

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