Four Seasons Of Pakistan

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Asslam u Alaikum To All Friends

Hello to all the steemians ,I hope you all are well and happy.Today my post is very nice ,There are four season in Pakistan

1 : Spring Season
2 :Summer Season
3 :Winter Season
4 :Autumn Season

Spring Season






Spring comes after Autumn ,when the color of the environment begins to change ,does an animal or a human being begin to be changed? Green grows everywhere and every tree is clothed with leaves ,Life begins to run again in the flowers and the fragrances of flowers spreads
When spring comes,the color of Gulistan begins to change .The leaves are yellow and clothed in a pair of green velvet .The trees turn green.Blooming flowers ,the blossoming of fragrant fresh leaves ,Beautiful butterflies sitting
on flowers ,How beautiful it all sounds like a message of a new life
The green branches are swaying happily and
the green leaves are playing with the breeze
The birds are singing songs of joy ,Each bird is singing its own song .Clear water is flowings from the Springs ,The fowers are swaying with the laughter .Along with the flowers ,the faces
of human beings are also looking bright .

Colors are scattered all over the lawn .Spring brings rain and lots of gift .Spring brings the gift
change to the earth .The goal of change is perfection.We must also bring about change within ourselves .And so change cannot come
unless we go and reform ourselves .

Let us follow the spring together and open the
windows of our hearts to God and give the gift of change to our hearts through these windows

Summer Season



Summer in pakistan starts from April,June and July are hottest month .After July 15 ,the weather gets less warm .The weather weather gets hotter and the nights get shorter .The temperature rises .The biggest day of the year is June summer,the sun's rays are straight

Numerous varities of fruits come on the market
in summer .Summer season is important in terms of tasty fruits drinks and tree planting .As soon as the summer season comes in Pakistan people starts installing fans ,in hot weather ,people consume more cold drinks
Very few people like summer because they don't like to work in hot waether .It is very sunny ,in summer ,women wear lawn clothes and men wear cotton .
Summer is coming .Different designs of clothes are coming in market .Mango juice is used a lot in summer .Cold water is used a lot in hot weather



Winter Season

Winter in Pakistan lasts from November to February .December 21 is the longest night of the year and the shortest day ,in Winter ,when white clouds cover the sky ,the cooling of the winds increases even more.Some people burn dry wood and sit near it .And some people drink hot coffee .Some of the smoke coming out of the mug of coffee can be seen decending from the sky on the white snow or on the ground .Some children are playing in the snow and making snowmen
Sometimes blanket of clouds in the sky ,Sometimes a beautiful view of the setting sun
and sometimes beautiful valleys covered with snow .All these offer a view of heaven,in winter most of the leaves of the plants fall off ,in winter,people use mostly warm things
Such as fish,chicken and biryani.and in the curd areas ,people eat mustard greens with great relish .We like summer when it's cold and we like winter when its hot ,We don't like to watch a season too long,Daisy flowers in flower and Gul Lala is famous .

Autumn Season



Autumn begins in early October ,so every tree looks sad .Like many countries in the world ,Pakistan is one of the lucky countries where four season are seen with their climate ,Autum is at its peak from September to December

Due to the abundance of plants in Hunza Nagar ,both Spring and Autumn are prominenet.Coil ,doves ,and birds that build their nests in these areas in the Spring and fall in the fall and migrate from here .

Autumn is very attractive and beautifull because the leaves fall in this season .There are currently many countries and continents in the world ,but Asia is the only continent where there are four season in a year ,in addition ,in many parts of the world ,either the heat is high or the temperature drops below freezing .

It is a special grace and blessing of Allah Almighty on Pakistan that there are four season in a year .

I hope you like my post
Allah Hafiz

Thanks For All


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