## Major environmental hazardas and their remedies

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The environment ,which now includes air,soil,and natural vegetation has a profound effect on human life .All the activities of a person that he performs in an area.Whether they are economic political and social ,be it reliogious or conservative .The natural enviroment affects these activities

In the beginning ,of human life human resources and needs were limited .But as man progressed ,his needs increased .He used a lot of natural
resources to meet his needs .This not only started depleting but also affected the environment .


In the present age where science has advanced a lot it has provided immense facilities for human beings as well as created some factors which are causing severe damage to the environment .The most important of these is enviromental pollution . The inclusion of something in the environment that is harmful not only to humans but also to other livignthing
This is called environmental pollution
There are three types of environmental pollution

1 Air pollution
2 Water pollution
3 Land pollution

Air pollution



Air pollution refers to the release of harmful gasses into the air .such as carbion dioxide and sulfer dioxide .Smoke from factories and vehicles is causing damage .Due to which the natural environment is being damaged .Due to which the ground temperature is rising .It also causes various dangerous diseases .This leads to an increase in lung diseases and skin diseases

Reducing air pollution

We needs to take steps to reduce toxic gases .Use CNG for vehices to reduce air pollution
Plant as many trees as possible .install filtration plants in factories and factories
In addition ,gases that are harming the environment should be banned
Using chlorofluorocarbons gas
Then inthis way our environment will be fine

Water Pollution



Water cotains various toxic chemical.Water discharged from factories contains various harmful chemicals.which form part of canals,rivers,and seas.The use of various drugs and fertilizer worsens the environment
Not only is it dangrous for human life .it is also harms plants and aquatic life

Reducing water pollution

Water discharged from factories shuld be filtered and cleaned to avoid water contamination .And then it should be dumped in canals and rivers

Land Pollution


Domestic garbage on the ground and toxic materials are spread through factories and hospitals
Due to which not only the beauty of the earth is diminished but also the wealth is spoiled .Ground pollution is eliminated through solid waste management methods

Reducing the Land pollution

Either burn the content or suppress the content
and the rest of the material should be re-used
through the recycleling process .Garbage can also be used to make indigenous fertilizer

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