The Diary Game / 7-May-2021/Today Visit The Field of Corn

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Hello everyone i hope that you all are doing well and you all are motivated for work before starting the diary
I just want to tell you to be safe ,stay home and take care of yourself situation around the world is not so good
I will share a day of my life with you in a small diary

My Beautiful Picture with Farmer


I woke up early in the morning,at 3 .00 pm I was very happy today because it was my first day,Because i was hired as a field officer ,
Because today is the day of Ramadan
I fasted and went to the mosque .I offered Fajr prayers and he recited the Quran,And after reading the Quran ,i returned home and preparing to go work .i took a shower ,And i got on my bike
My house was three kilmeters away from where i had to go to work ,And arrived at the store after three minutes
And when i got to the store ,i saw a variety of medicines and seeds




I met the shopkeepar and greeted him .in that time i got a call for saleofficer .My sales officer told me that you have to Check Rashid Riaz form
After listening to the sales officer call .I got on my bike and went check the crop
And i arrived at the farm 40 minutes later
Rashid Riaz welcomed me ,we went to check the crop


His plot was almot ready ,The skin on it was very beautiful and big ,Our farmer was very satisfied with our product
And then we saw another plot


The plot was about two months old ,The color of this plot looked very beautiful
After a few words between me and and the farmer ,i asked his permission and went back to the store
I was very happy today ,because my first day of job completed very well
And i thanked God

This was all from my todays ,I hope that would you like it and remembers me in your prayers

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