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Several times in the past, I've been fortunate to have some positive and life changing encounters in the astral plane. In that realm where thoughts and ideas do take form and become a real part of your immediate environment, it's very easy for the novice astral projector to mix reality with concrete products of imagination. Infact the astral plane is not just the world of Spirits, it's a world of REAL MAGICK!!! When you come awake in the Astral plane, your conscious mind is in full control and you are at peak awareness of the happenings and realities around you. But it so happens that at times, the conscious mind takes a back sit, it may not be fully inactive but it gives the subconscious mind free reign to drive the car of awareness of the Spirit thereby mixing subconscious and seemingly nonsensical thought forms with the rational and true perception of the conscious mind. Thoughts are things and in the Astral they do take form. Unfortunately this half awake and somnolent state of awareness in the Astral plane is the true state of things with the majority of mankind who lead lives too steeped in materialism. In one encounter I had not too many years ago, the effects of alcohol on that night had so suppressed the functions of my conscious mind that when I hit the snooze button, things were different that night. I couldn't witness the out of body experiences that I so frequently had that projected me beyond the physical realm to the astral plane. After a few minutes of sleeping, I had one of the craziest meaningless dreams a person can ever have. Rapidly changing scenes that seemed to zoom me from setting to setting with the speed of subconscious thoughts and lots of meaningless imagery. How long this went on, I couldn't remember but suddenly I was aware of someone, a very gentle female voice tapping me awake. I became conscious enough to realize I had no such occupant with that voice in the house, I panicked and sat up awake on my bed or so I thought. My view was foggy from too much dreaming I guess, I looked around but found no one in my room. I turned to go back to bed and there was the voice again exactly as I had heard it in the hypnopompic state. My hair stood straight on their ends while I shivered with my skin crawling alive with thousands of goose pimples. A live physical stranger in my room, how the hell did she get in? What's her motive? Thoughts just went on while my eyes gradually adjusted to the dark room and there she was, smiling and standing at the foot of my bed. Dressed in a white longsleeve flowing gown with her long shimmering hair swaying in the artificially fan generated wind, she's about the prettiest person I had ever set my eyes on. She stood a little above five feet, a small elfin face and strong sagelike hypnotic eyes that made her seem a lot older and wiser than she looked. Fear gave way to curiosity, the change of my emotions from fright to curiosity and amusement was so rapid I couldn't help thinking I've been placed under a spell. I got up and approached her looking, inspecting and running around her while she chuckled lightly at my puppy-like curiosity. Eventually I found my voice and asked whom are you? She told me her name but for some reasons I don't know, even as spectacular as that encounter was I couldn't remember her name by the time it was Dawn. I asked her purpose but with caution, I truly liked her and didn't mind my privacy being invaded by this most unusual way. I held her hands, she let me, soft and full of warmth. When I looked into her eyes, what I saw reflected back to me in her gaze was undiluted affection but guess what? It was devoid of lust and in no time I felt some kind of motherly or big sister affection emanating from her. As beautiful as she was, not an iota of lust was aroused in me but I think maybe for the first time in my life, I got to learn what true love was supposed to feel like. It was all nothing but the rightful blissful state of the Spirit. I dominated our discussion, asking a lot of questions and I learned so much that I mysteriously forgot with the breaking of dawn. She never sat down, neither did she move much from her standing position. Eventually there was not much to do or say and she promised she'll always come back (which strangely she hadn't kept her promise). She sought permission to leave which sounded odd because between the two of us she seemed the one in a higher place of power, I gave permission almost shedding tears at the pain of separation. At this time I was too enchanted by her presence to take into cognisance what was really happening, so I volunteered to see her out by opening doors and the compound gate but then she smiled and replied immediately jousting me to the reality on ground, she said "I'll go as I came, do not forget we are in the Astral World". I was so shocked by the realization that all these while I had thought I was awake back in the physical body, I was actually in Spirit form communing with these benevolent Spirit Guardian. "How did this happen?". I asked then she explained to me what had really transpired and led to her interference. I had gone to sleep under the influence of intoxicants and this was having a negatively profound experience on my astral plane experience. Dark entities were being attracted to me by my foul and dark alcoholic vibrations. She had thought I would have been roused from my subconscious state and be able to manage my affairs but this seemed very unlikely to couple with the malevolent mob gathering around me. She was left with no option but to bring me back to my astral plane version of my room on the physical plane, heal me of my hangover and wake me up to the Astral plane. In a nutshell, she didn't wake me up to the physical world, she woke me up from my senseless and dangerous slumber in the Astral plane to the realities of that realm. I thanked her so much for her kindness but she would rather I thanked God and I did just that. She instructed me to climb back on my be, she tucked me in and kissed my forehead. I fell into a dreamless sleep and woke up to the sun shining through my opened window curtains. Reality manifest in different forms and states of mind. I hope to share more of my True Astral plane experiences with you soon. Thanks for your time, good night, sweet dreams and I wish you dream of Heaven🙏

(True Out of Body Experiences by @onos-steve)

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