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There are two very misunderstood phenomenon that are actually portals to the finer worlds(astral plane, Spirit World etc) but those who claim to be arbiters of the highest earthly wisdom, owners of knowledge for the sake of being in possession of issued academic certificates boldly speak about a phenomenon that lies beyond the borders of material science and term it an hallucination. Any phenomenon that beats the comprehension of the material scientist, instead of humbly admitting that his methods cannot decipher the whole enigmas that makes up our realities, he quickly and shamelessly dumps in a waste bin he labels "hallucinations of the mind". In truth there are no hallucinations but just reality affecting perception from a multidimensional angle. Hypnagogia and Hypnopompia!!! A phenomenon that is frequently experienced by the great majority of humanity. What happens in an Out of Body Experience in any form wether conscious Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Near Death Experience or trance is very similar to what is experienced at the time of death where suprisingly to the one transitioning, he finds for himself at the end of is ordeal that consciousness SURVIVES DEATH!!! I think, therefore I am. Many years ago I had an argument with an uncle of mine, who happens to be the most concrete materialistic, pessimistic and egoistic atheist I was ever cursed to cross paths with. He is so facinated with the Death phenomenon which he absolutely knows nothing about, yet he won't for one minute learn something unknown from a humble source without dominating the discussion and shutting you up for good. His voice is always louder than mine whenever we argued, of course he is my uncle and the older one, so on this faithful day, he came bothering me with his morbid topic. He laughed at me for believing in death as a transitional state from a physical existence to a spiritual one. He ended his argument with the words "when you die, you'll be so disappointed to find out that DEATH is the end of life", I laughed out loud than he always did for the first time, I picked the deep bottomless holes in his argument, threw him in and buried him with a little humble wisdom. I replied, "if I die and I'm able to find out anything at all, it means I think, therefore I am, I live and exist and consciousness truly survives DEATH". He reflected on his earlier outburst and saw his errors, in other words, if truly he died and he's able to find out anything about the death phenomenon then he still exists. He smiled at me and for the first time I was able to sense his fears. No body dreads the death phenomenon as much as a MATERIALISTIC ATHEIST!!! I sensed some glimmer of hope in him and I was truly happy he had his fears conquered. Hypnagogia is a process that preceeds sleep, it's very necessary for the disengagement of the Spirit from the flesh so the later can have some much needed rest while the Spirit takes a temporary sojourn in the Spirit lands, it's true home. Hypnopompia is actually the same as hypnagogia, only it's what is experienced when the Spirit returns to the flesh. In hypnagogia, the Spirit separates and in Hypnopompia the Spirit rejoins with the physical biological being. The so called hallucinations are actually glimpses into the lighter dimensions by Spirit(Astral) vision and are as real as the ceiling fan turning above you when you are awake in the physical world seen through the lens of your physical eyes. Infact about sixty(60)% of my conscious Astral Projections, I effected in the hypnogogic state. I lie on bed and play witness as I die temporarily to the physical surrounding of my room and get up from my body into the astral plane and I stay conscious all through the process. I always advise people, no matter your major preoccupation in this material world, always set aside a few minutes for meditation and deep introspection on the Spiritual side of things and you'll find an infinitesimal reality so bigger than the known physical like comparing the size of a grain of sand in the palm of your hand to the size of the sun up above, in what constitutes the Spirit World, a most beautiful and true home for us all. Thanks for your time and I wish you a blessed day. I hope to share more personal true experiences in the Astral Planes here with you soonest. For my earlier true narratives, you can visit my blog and posts on @onos-steve here on STEEMIT.

(True Out of Body Experience by @onos-steve)

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