Pop Up Poetry Slam!




A fabulous poem by @billykeed inspired an impromptu poem from me. I produce both of them here, with @billykeed's permission of course. I'd love to see more of the poets of steem join us in a collaborative poetry project, by continuing the poem that he and I have begun. The idea is for the poets of Steem to produce a running work of related poems.


Here we are folks, six entries so far! Please join in!

A tear in the fabric

of the space time construct
Something leaks through
Something that should not be
Changes the world
Everything we hold dear
shaken to its core
Nothing sacred everything leaky


The something that should not be

is unbecoming,
holding on against the tide
that breaks all things
against the rocks

response by @owasco


The forms becoming hindrances
Of immovable jagged sharpness
Never worn smooth and yet,
For the sages, stepping stones
To cast nets around
And their cries
By all foolhardy heads unheeded
Who in senses of invincibility
Still gashed go a-bleeding


I feel till I fall
with my heart in my hands
and my mind standing still

I love till I break
into cosmic pieces
swimming in stardust

I live in my feelings
Emotional indulgence


This is a second new poem
You can tell by the way
the line breaks break
lines like a sail in a
squall busts


With clear skies in a cold dawn
the sky delivers a light spring rain
renew the air that will soon warm the sun.

The blessed roses with their buds closed
soon they will deliver their sweet fragrance
and our soul will rise to eternity.

With wishes, I always wait for your return
so that you always give us joy
and happiness remain.


Here are the rules:

  • write a related stanza, maximum forty words, and either make a post in the community of your choice, or leave your entry or a link to your post in the comments on this post.

  • poems in any languages are more than welcome, but please provide a translation in English

  • leave a link to your post here

  • I will update this post with all submissions as they come in

Here are the rewards:

  • 100% upvote from me for all submissions
  • Steem rewards for all submissions. I will distribute 1 SBD from my own wallet to each participant. If we ever manage to get any curator support, I will up that.

Suggested communities to post in:

@WritingnReviews, @stars, @freewriters, @steemingcurators, @steemsrilanka, @steemschools. I list these because they support creative writing, but any community is fine.

This is a Steem only event. I'm tagging just a few of my favorite poets here. Invite your friends!
@william8wayward, @felixgarciap, @warpedpoetic, @prydefoltz, @bennettitalia. @chireerocks, @pennsif

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image is a screenshot from free pixabay

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Thanks! Great work, as always. I've updated the post so that yours appears here.



lol just noticed your entry is exactly forty words.


lol I had to cut a few

Its a chain reaction of relentless poetic cloud that will happen @owasco :D


oh I would love to see a stanza from you! It will only take a few minutes.

My pop-up contests work great on that other chain. Where are all the poets on this one? I love the international flavor of steem, and am hoping to get a poetic conversation going here. Hey, @billykeed, since this has gone nowhere so far, if you want to continue, maybe it could just be you and I doing this.


K I will work on something soon


I don't know why I wasn't notified even when you tagged me in this post. Thankfully I found it eventually anyway.


Hey, if you feel so inclined, would you please cross post this post, or resteem it or whatever? It needs more exposure!!!

What is the closing date of this contest?


No closing date! lol. I was certainly hoping for some support from the curators, but alas, got none, so I will be rewarding from my own funds. I would love for you to enter. I'll close it after your entry, or another week, whichever comes first.


Let me know if you do another contest with a specific closing date and I can add it in my lists.


I am going to edit my post to tag you, so that I have you on that post and will remember.

I had someone else ask me when the ending date would be, so there will be a few more days.


Great thanks

Here is my entry as I accepted the invitation from @felixgraciap. I hope @marblely @gertu and @wakeukitty manage to join in too. If not this one, maybe the next one.