The diary game.||09th June,2021.||A enjoyable day.||๐Ÿฅฐ

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My dear friend's,
I am @rasel72. From #Bangladesh.

  • The diary game.
  • Wednesday.
  • 09th June,2021.

Today I woke up in the morning and went to the washroom. I came from the washroom and brushed my teeth. Then I washed my hands and face and put on my clothes. To be.


River ghats
w3w :

Then I went across the river to read. My private at 8:30 minutes. After reading I came to the market to talk to some of my friends. Then I came to the river bank again. To cross the river. Then I went home. When I came, I took some time. Then I changed my clothes. Then I washed my hands and came to the room.


w3w :

After eating the palm sash, I picked up my phone. Then I spent all my time on Stimite. Then I ate breakfast. After eating, I watched television for a while. After that I woke up at 1 o'clock after sleeping for some time. I woke up and gave food to the cattle. After feeding, I went to take a bath. After taking a bath, I took off my clothes. Then I ate lunch. I watched the news on TV for some time. Then after finishing my meal I went to the net with the phone in my hand for some time. Then after talking to my friends there I came out of the net again. I went to teach one of my sir's sons. Then I went across the river to teach. Towards the end of teaching, Madam gave me jam to eat. Jam fruit is very beneficial for our body.


w3w :

Then I finished teaching and came home to eat jam. Then I came home and just took off my clothes and was breathing. At that time my friends called me and said I am going to go for a walk. Let's go for a walk. We went to a tea shop in the village next to us to have tea. We took the bicycle. Dokata is far away from our house. So we all took the bicycle. Then we reached there in the evening.



Take a walk.
w3w :

We went there and ordered a cup of tea and baked bread for everyone. It is very good to have tea with baked bread. Then after waiting for some time, our baked bread and tea appeared.


Baked bread and tea
w3w :

Then we all started eating together. After eating and drinking, we took the bicycle again. Then I came home and I went to the doctor again with a friend of mine. Then I came home at 9 o'clock after seeing the doctor. I did everything.

I have spent my day very happily. In fact, the fun of hanging out with friends is different. Everyone will be fine, will be healthy.

Many thanks to everyone for reading my post and for supporting me.


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