The Curse

2개월 전

A long but dark highway of deception, I see countless deceived hearts plagued by the curse of urban modernity, the sky filled with gloom, the rainbow arrogantly speaking to the clouds.

Doves are breaking up, lately the birds have become polygamous, it's been a few days since the male sparrow looked at the neighboring birdhouse, the female sparrow is whispering, whispering around.
"What's going on? I haven't seen it before."

A letter of protest has been sent to God with the program of falling wood flowers. The group of grasshoppers is cursing.
Chants broke the silence from all around, countless voices shouting in unison
"Let modernity die".

Changing the procession lane and walking the other way, I saw the pride of the cuckoo on the branch of the cedar tree.
I walked across the desert to the river bank,
I see the arrogance of the grasshoppers there.
Sailors are busy on the Internet, when the Bhatiali song is lost!

The night descends with the sound of tumult, the voice of hate, the angry chanting of the streamers.
Night's chest bursts into the air
"Let the corruption of artifice perish".

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