It becomes poetry very easily

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To be a poet or artist of good quality
I never wished
On the contrary, if you become a good quality poet
Do not be the only poet for you!
I want the heart of only one
To be the only poet.

His great love was being a reader.
Match with word combinations
How does the reader's description become a favorite line in the composition of words?
Poems are born.

Every line of wavy hair, eyes
Description of these on the lips.
The description of the heart, the sign of tenderness, the sign of laughter
These are the descriptions of excitement and seriousness.
The description becomes poetry very easily.

The day you called me a poet was a great love
From that day I will be a poet.
"Poet Poet" pronunciation by thousands of readers and fans
I will never be a poet.

How many poets around the world!
Enlightened the minds and thoughts of people throughout the ages, still.
I am just your poet
I want to be enlightened only by you.

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