I hear my body being cut

2개월 전

As I walked past the morgue, I suddenly heard the sound of my own corpse being cut up. I stopped and listened to the horrible screams of my corpse.

While cutting my chest in two, my corpse shook Israfil's chest with a terrible scream saying "Don't hurt there, there my beloved and Bangladesh will live forever, they will be hurt."

Ho Ho, with a demonic smile, pulled out another bottle of wine and said to me, "Don't you know that your lover is busy with some other man's chest decoration? Shala Boka, where is she from? And Bangladesh?"

Just saying this made his eyes wet. After trembling and swallowing the last bottle of wine, suddenly a terrible devil said in an angry voice, "Our Bangladesh is dead today, the autopsy is done regularly in the parliament building, every day three and a half hundred doms attack the dead body, and eat 2 lakhs." Vulture, you did not keep this news?

Tanu-Nadia, Bangladesh was not raped with countless people dying like a stream?
Every day in the crossfire does not the heart of the Bengali become shriveled? Then where was Shala Suyoor? You were silent and unscrupulous. Or did you not keep this news? Your heart did not tremble even once?"

Then a mad hand in an instant crushes my poor bones, shatters my heart where my beloved and beloved Bangladesh used to live.

Suddenly I cease to exist, my earthly form lies by the side of the morgue after a stroke.

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