A Short Poem - Beauty In The Clouds

25일 전

You see them flying everywhere,
Light as a feather and beautiful as the sun,
They bring us light,
With just the blue bright sky.


You look,
You see,
A Cloud shaped like me,
Like a cat, frog or cute dog,
Amazing journey these clouds have,
They travel and travel through all the lands.


You see their future,
You see their past,
You don't really know,
Which is truly the last.


Soo tell me,
Tell me,
What can you see,
Are your dreams and hopes up,
As they should be,
Flowing like the clouds,
Carelessely in the wind,
Working towards them is the goal.

Have A Wonderful Day @Steemitwarrior

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Cute poem with cozy picture🤗


Thank you very much.


U are welcome