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Taking other people's rights is not recommended in the real world or in the world of Cryptocurrency, you know the cruelty of such actions, but you just let it go, even you want to do it yourself. How cruel, stealing other people's rights for personal gain without thinking about other people's losses.


Live on the right path, you don't have to do those silly things, this will not lead you on a good path. One of one's success is honesty, honesty will bring you to the level of justice and peace. Try to think carefully, if only the mistakes you committed are known by others, the level of trust of others in you will decrease because of this.

The platform provides an opportunity for its users to work with original content that is useful for others, and they will be appreciated here. This is a very good platform in my opinion, the chances of being successful here are very large.

Do you still doubt it?

There have been many people here who are enjoying the results now, maybe if we see their struggle or journey here is so bitter, from the start they didn't know anything and now they are so active that some have even become great writers there. This proves that the Platform is a success field for people who are willing to try. What you need to know is that no success is born without a struggle, everything needs struggle and sacrifice.

That way, do you ask yourself about what struggles you have done to get to success.

Will stealing other people's rights bring success to you?

The answer is NO. Because besides harming others you will be ensnared by the laws of nature, namely karma. You must know what Karma is, this life is very fair you should think so, because every bad thing will return to bad. This is real, if someone does bad things to others, then the badness itself will come back to him, maybe through the people we treat as well as through other people.

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Plagiarism also includes actions that are very bad for everyone, someone who does it for personal gain will feel the rewards from nature for that person, both in the form of instant or indirect rewards.

Plagiarism that must be resolved as soon as possible, this may require maximum work to resolve it. The support from Steemit users is a big strength for those who want to clean up Plagiarism, you can be a part of it. If the plagiarism case continues to grow, it will be very regretted by the people here, especially for people who are doing #promo-steem, as supported by @stephenkendal

Not only that, if you find plagiarism content spontaneously you are encouraged to report it to the plagiarism eradication team itself, one of which is @endingplagiarism. This will not make anyone known as a spreader of plagiarism information, because the plagiarism eradication team will not also report on who reported it. Only by doing that will you be respected here, you have done very good deeds for the people here.

So from that someone can also follow up on plagiarism, turn off plagiarism for everyone's victory here.

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About Steemit

Steemit is a Blockchain-based platform that gives birth to a benefit for the people in it, by writing the latest and interesting news or information you will get money in the form of Crypto, namely Steem and Steem Dollars, digital money or Crypto can also be used as money that is authorized by every country.

Not only that, someone's income here can also exceed the salary in the real world, if you have a commitment to writing on every post, you will feel the benefits of joining here. I am not a person who has a large income here, but I do get a decent income on this Platform. Even though it's not that big, but when compared to the salary in the real world that I get it is very far away. In the real world I can be said to be an unemployed person who does not have a permanent job, the salary I get is not that much, just enough to eat and drink. By knowing Steemit I feel a huge difference here, I am very grateful to God for bringing me here and being able to communicate with the people here.

There is no giving up for me to be successful, even though it is a difficult thing for me to do, but I continue to try my best. Lack of income in the real world makes me a little sluggish to continue my dream, I should be able to save my Steem to do a Power Up so that my SP is big. But that's all I can't do at the moment, I have to take some of the Rewards posts for my daily needs. Maybe someday I can save Steem to raise my Steem Power, if that happens it will really help me and others.

Many people here do Power Up from the Rewards posts they get, so the Steem Power they have now is enormous. The advantage of Steem Power is that on Upvote, giving upvotes to posts will generate money in the form of Steem and SBD, this is very beneficial for everyone.

It takes a lot of effort to be able to increase SP, writing and creating posts is the most lightweight solution. Only the energy and mind you need there, the results are extraordinary in the future.

The writing above is for people who want to do business without harming others, and also my story here. There is no intention of looking down on other people, and maybe in my opinion it is very useful for people who are on the move here. Consider Steemit a part of your life, so that you can last a long time here, and if you do it with all your heart, chances are your success will be on you.

Best greetings from me to everyone here, keep trying to get up. Help others for good, and prevent plagiarism cases to make a Platform that everyone is proud of.

Best regards 'Xoxois

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Because besides harming others you will be ensnared by the laws of nature, namely karma.

Well said, I'm a big believer in Karma


Yes, karma is real, coming from an uncertain direction :)
Thanks @ablaze

Yeah we should be honest to steem. I hope.we will be


Yes, honesty will bring victory


Yeah its a better solution