My Nutrition Diary. November 28

2개월 전

Hello everyone, I will continue to share my meals with you every day. I didn't have breakfast today as I slept almost all day. I'm not feeling a little well these days. The weather got cold all of a sudden and I was a little affected by this. The cold medicine I take is also very drowsy. So I spent almost the whole day sleeping. I only ate dinner today. Since I didn't have breakfast, we ate dinner early. At dinner, we ate the salads that I prepared the day before. It was pretty easy to prepare dinner today.

I love to eat salad, I think I wouldn't get tired of eating it every day. I could eat as much as I wanted of all the salads you saw. because there was nothing forbidden in them. I should have only eaten a small portion of the carrot salad. I also followed this rule.

This is how I ate today. Thank you for reading. Goodbye

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Thank you for sharing this beautiful nutrition diary with us.