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Reading can be defined as the process that involves translation of symbols to arrive at a meaning. It is also a process of constructing translation to words. When reading with a purpose it assists the prospective reader to direct information towards a given goal and to focus their attention too.

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The reasons why people read may vary, the primary purpose of reading is to grasp the text. Reading entails the thinking process. Its allows the readers to make use of what they already know, known as prior knowledge. Reading entails skimming and scanning.

Reading as said is a process that has to do with identifying words, that helps lead to the development of comprehension passage.

Based on research, reading process infer meaning between the text itself and its intended reader.

The process of reading entails three stages;
The pre-reading stage:
This stage helps the reader to have and a firm background knowledge, for look the text and then create a reason for the reading.

The second stage

Happens during reading, when the intended reader makes forecast as they read a passage and then affirm the predictions made.

The third stage

Which is the final stage happens after reading and admit the reader to say again the story line, explain the essential part of the story, answer revision questions or to check another similar text.


Plato a great Greek philosopher one time said “books give the soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”.

The following are reasons to build-up reading habit;

It builds self-confidence.

Its helps develop the human brain.

It exposes or unfold new thing.

Reading gives the intended reader knowledge and insight.

Reading improves the reading and writing skills of a reader.

Reading increases focus.

Having a good book Makes reading enjoyable, but if you have a book that seems extremely difficult and you’re forcing yourself to go through it will then seem like a chore.

If you find reading a book burdensome for several days, then consider getting another one that you’ll really love. To cultivate a long lasting reading habit the following tips will help out;

Set time: as an individual you should have time set aside for reading. Once time is set aside particularly for reading and its consistently followed then it becomes part of your everyday lifestyle.

Carry a book: wherever you a going to make sure you are with a book. Thanks to civilization that has made things easy you’re either with a soft book or hard book which ever, just make sure you always carry a book.


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Make a reading list: by making a list you keep record or list of all books you want to or aspire to read. To cultivate reading habit be ready to add to your reading list whenever you hear of a good book from a person or come across it online. To keep documents safer, you can create a Gmail account specially for that purpose.

Locate a quiet location: find a location in your home or where ever you desire like library that you will be able to read without interruption. Whatsoever will serve as a distraction to your reading should be avoided.

To read more reduce watching of television or internet in take. It might seem hard because many persons find themselves engrossed with it. The time spent on internet and television should be converted for reading.
Set goals: set targets for reading books and make sure you keep to it or accomplish it.
Have days specially selected to consult to library.

Keep logs of the title of the book, author of the book, and if possible the duration when you started the reading and when you finished it.

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