Family memories at our sister's inauguration ceremony


Hello, good evening everyone, and welcome to the STEEM FAMILY community friends. How are you all, I hope your heart will always be in good condition, of course.

In my post, I will tell the journey of my family's story, I also happen to have a small family with my wife and two sons who I really love, of course.

IMG20200225105513 - 3.jpg

This is a story when we attended an inauguration ceremony for our sister's wedding, and we hope that the inauguration process will be well.
But at a glance on the sidelines of this event, we also had time to take a photo for a moment in front of the wedding aisle at that time, and we will use it as a photo document of memories during the event

IMG20200225105557 - 1.jpg

My wife and I took a photo of ourselves and immortalized it in our cell phone memory, and here are some of the photos that have been stored from then until now


IMG20200225105243 - 3.jpg


Those are some photos at the inauguration of our sister that we could capture with our family, and hopefully they will become a special memory for what we hope for in the future,
Thus, it would be nice for us to always remain a complete and happy family until we can realize the dream for our beloved children.

That's my friend for today's post, hopefully it's useful and thank you



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