Expansion Of Networking Promosteem Holds Meet Up and Gathering Of Indonesia Promoters

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Gathering with the Promoter of Steemit Indonesia, the momentum of greeting each other is a place for brotherhood. Togetherness is important, not only to maintain friendship but must produce something good.

Meet Up and Gathering organized by Promo-steem Community, I really appreciate these activities. The agenda of this activity aims to increase stemian interest in Lhokseumawe City-North Aceh and its surroundings.

The activity took place at Jomblang Beach - Central Hagu, Banda Sakti District - Lhokseumawe City. This event was also a success, guided by a reliable and experienced moderator @bangmimi.


The event was filled by keynote speakers (@ayijufridar) (@arie.steem) (@ponpase).

This event consists of 4 (Four) Sessions.

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Achievements and discussions.
  3. Dinner.
  4. Group photo.

@Arie.steem. explaining the scope of this promosteem is that global needs are not solely in Indonesia, with conditions related to promosteem of course. And have to deal with promosteem, explain and guide newcomers, and explain to potential new steemit users what it is? Steemit Blockchain to technical things. The steemit promotion is not just a selfie event or a coffee shop.


therefore we as stemians actually have to develop the Steem Blockchain for the people closest to us, in order to create education to make it easier or understand for prospective steemit users, both newcomers and old players.

There are several experiences that he conveys and tips on being brave and willing and collaborating with other communities, the quality of the post does not guarantee getting votes. therefore be creative as possible about your content and should have benefits for the surrounding environment.

Our will must be strong and Creativity, in order to get Sc01 support, and boom. He also suggested that you should power up for your own promosteem.

@Aijufridar in his explanation also said that making posts must consistently work hard or we become investors, must respect each other. On day on post, he also emphasized that we must avoid plagiarism. Steemit is a place that becomes a source of a new creative economy.


@ponpase also explained about Steemforsdgs which is a pilot project that wants to involve friends to be involved in sustainable development programs. Initiated by @steemforsdgs (SDGs) itself has 17 global programs. So because of these seventeen programs to make it easier for the steemit Blockchain itself, it is easier to know in the world. Please note that the Sustainable Development Golds (SDGs) program which is for Steemian activists wherever they are is a homework for all of us to make this happen. One of them is the pillar of environmental development.



Many things were discussed such as:

  • Introducing the promo-steem community
  • tips to become a successful Steemian
  • consistent in writing on steemit.

Thank you for joining us as newcomers @daltonalbar44 & @nyakbar.

followed by 30 steemit participants, and 2 new participants.

I also express my highest appreciation to the @promosteem.com and @steemforsdgs teams.
and the three speakers, Success for the Promoters Team

With high enthusiasm by Steemian who was present, the event was more lively.

Meet Up and Gathering event, Together this broadens my horizons of knowledge about this extraordinary Steemit Blockchain. What was explained by a reliable speaker was really enlightening, strengthening friendship between people, good cooperation.

I thank you for the dedication of promosteem, who took the initiative to organize this activity.






Sincerely @Guski

The storm will pass, Together we can.
Work hard, work smart, work finished.

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Perkumpulan yang membawa kita untuk terus bisa berkembang .


Ya berkembang menjadi sebuah amanah

Excellent work for @guski
Hard working, do the best and never stop to learning. Steem On !


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Mudah-mudahan acara ini akan terus berlanjut setiap bulannya. Semangat dan Sukses untuk kita semua 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 ☺️


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Mantap, luar biasa acara teman2


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