Power-Up 1,000.000 STEEM, Towards Dolphin 5,000.000 SP


cropped_image (2).png

As a form of consistency in promoting the Power-Up Movement that I did in the form of a Contest with the title STEEM Investing Contest and Publication of Investments and Power-Ups in the form of STEEM INVESTING AND POWER UP NEWS, today I again did a 1,000.000 STEEM Power-Up.

This week I have done the same thing twice, with a total of 2,000.000 STEEM, it's nice to be able to do this, with the current Steem Power achievement of 4,034.441, I am sure in the next few days it will reach 5,000.000.

Am I able to do it? The answer is, I will try to do it with the consistency that I have and even I have a target until the end of the year with Steem Power to 20,000,000.

The following is proof of the Power-Up that I did:



cropped_image (2).png




cropped_image (2).png

Best regards,

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  ·  작년

Powering up is the life line of the steemit. #welovepowerups 😀


I wish I could be a whale in STEEM waters

Selamat pak @irawandedy.
Pencapaian yang luar biasa.

I am sure you will reach your target

Selamat! Sungguh pencapaian yang luar biasa melihat konsistensi bg @irawandedy ini. Apalagi bagi saya steemian muda yang baru bergabung di steemit ini. Tulisan ini sangat memotivasi saya agar terus berkarya dan berkembang menjadi steemian yang kuat seperti ini.
Bisakah saya???


Sure... I'am Believe you can do it, even surpass me


Alright, let's see how its go...
Apart from that, I expect criticism and suggestions from you.


Semoga saja

This is amazing my friend, hopefully progress will be achieved quickly. I wish you continued success my Friend.

Mantap bang.
Pencapaian sungguh luar biasa

Great power up !


I'll keep doing it, hopefully it will happen

  ·  작년

Mantap banget bg. Semoga saya juga bisa. InsyaAllah

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