Gathering and meet up with promotor Indonesia #learnwithsteem

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Hello good morning community friends PromoSteem 📣 how are you! May we always be in a healthy state and in the protection and mercy of Allah SWT, Amen.

Today Sunday, (10/10/2021) the Indonesian Promoter team conducted Meet Up and Gathering activities in the Ujong Blang sea area of Lhokseumawe City at 16.00 Wib. The event was attended by as many as 40 active stemian people from Indonesia.

Meet Up and Gathering was attended directly by @arie.steem as Community Leader of PromoSteem, accompanied by @pojan and @ponpase as Team Support. As well as presenting one of the invited guests as a speaker of @ayijufridar.

In the meeting, many educational materials were delivered by @arie.steem and @ayijufridar in order to become an active and successful stemian. What is conveyed is quite interesting, a lot of knowledge and knowledge about #steemit obtained, from their explanation there are three important points that need to be remembered.


1.Consistent in Writing

According to the survey results, many newcomers when registering are inconsistent in writing, when one or two posts they make do not manage to get an upvote or reward they then lazy to write. Then they left steemit.

Consistent in writing is important enough to be able to develop on the steemit platform, try to write one day one posting. So, let's be consistent in writing.


2.Don't get hung up on one community

One form of newcomer failure is that they are too fixated on one community only, so over time they get bored because they are busy writing monotonous content Then never get an upvote.

The opportunity to get a gift in the form of an upvote can be obtained in an easier way, such as by not fixating on one community only, join another community that suits your interests and talents. So the chances of getting an upvote prize are much greater.

The next way is to enter the contest, there is even the easiest, that is the comment contests.


3.Create Creative and Quality Content

Tim Steemit is very fond of creative and quality content, Creativity can be in accordance with the interests and talents you have.

Let's get all the unique and interesting ideas you have, then implement them on the steemit platform. Rest assured the steemit team will provide support in the form of upvote to you.


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So this post, thank you to my friends who have read this post. Greetings and see you in my next post.


I Thank you to @steemchiller, @stephenkendal, @pennsif who have worked hard every time to develop steemit applications.

By @miftahulrizky

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Good job bro..!

Thank you for your participation, Steem on!

Best Regards @teukumuhas as Even Ornganizier teams


Terimakasih kembali bang sudah singgah pada postingan saya, sukses terus untuk anda.


Sukses untuk kita semua..

Good job brother


Terimakasih kakak, tinggal tunggu doa aja.

Sukses selalu untuk kita semua


Amiin, sukses dengan usaha dan doa.

Moment yang indah bersama para pengguna Steemit aktif di Indonesia, Hari ini sangat bergembira dan bangga berada ditengah orang-orang hebat. Selamat malam, selamat beraktifitas dan jangan lupa beristirahat.


Indah sekali, dihiasi background laut dan di tiup angin sepai sepoi..

Mantap !
Terima kasih telah berhadir.

Steem On !!!


Terimakasih kembali sobatku... Insyallah akan selalu berhadir

Luar biasa, sukse selalu kawan


Terimakasih bang @alvin.steem, doa anda sangat memotivasi saya...


Thanks, succes for you.


Thank you