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Hello steemian

On this occasion I will do a power-up which is entering mid-November, now further testing the consistency of active users in the Steemit community. With the funding crisis, we must work hard to increase our power. Yes we have to focus more, we all have to support the #Club5050 program to make #Steem even more great. Since last month I have joined #Club5050, trying to invest my #Steem with regular STEEM POWER Power Ups.

Even though I don't do Power Ups on a regular basis, I start with some of the rewards I've garnered from a few posts. I think this is a very good program, the more often we Power Up, then you will become one of the active users who support #club5050 and the value of #Steem grows more and more. This will be your long term investment in Steemit, this positive action will support the community and many active users to increase STEEM POWER to #Club505, #Club75, #Club100 even to #Clubdolphin.


So let's join #Club5050 from now on! That way you will support many active users who grow into #Dolphin in the future. I started taking the initiative to support the programs that have been programmed by the Steemit Team, such as fully supporting #club5050 and various community policies on Steemit.

I have learned a valuable lesson since joining Steemit since September 2018. For that it is recommended to join #Club5050, start saving your #Steem by withdrawing 50% Reward from payment, and must use 50% gift to immediately Power Up to increase STEEM POWER. This is the obligation of every active user, It's time for us to campaign #Club5050, let's promote and keep doing Power Ups to increase your STEEM POWER.


I just did a Power Up with a total of 23,913 STEEM POWER, that's the result of the prizes I got this week. I haven't gotten much support lately, so I'll try to condition some of the other rewards to Power Up.

Actually this is a gift from 2X positive Booming Vote payments, I got it after deducting Payout to several Charity program accounts. I intend to follow the procedures and policies of the #Club5050 program, so I will promote it even if it is only 23,913 STEEM.


I have another Power Up with a total of 23,913 STEEM POWER, actually this is less than before. By doing another Power Up, my STEEM POWER increased to 1,237,937 STEEM POWER, It can be said that with the initiative to join the #Club5050 program, the growth and increase of STEEM POWER in my Steemit Wallet is increasing and will soon reach 1,500,000 STEEM POWER this month.

So for that I have to do Power Up again periodically this month, since the beginning of the month I have targeted +1.500.000 STEEM POWER this November. I had to work better than the previous month and it would be nice to see such a significant increase in STEEM as it is today. Come on guys, let's contribute, promote to support the #Club5050 Campaign. Let's make #Steem even better, Steem On!


Let's go to Join the #Promo-steem Community If you have a #promo-steem activity, I'm happy to invite you to contribute to the PromoSteem panel, this is the right place. PromoSteem is open to everyone who is active and who wants to play an important role in bringing more people to Steemit.


Who am I ?
I am a citizen journalist in our area, a graduate student of the Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic, I am active in the #promo-steem community and act as a member in promo-steem, on Steemit I actively participate and do #promo-steem activities, I am a local football player who is in Indonesia and I have been playing football for a long time and also follow some local leagues in Indonesia. For that reason, I am active in steemit and play football, I have the idea to promote steemit to football teams in Indonesia by making proposals so that they can be sponsored to support the team that was formed.


♨️ PromoSteem Community ♨️

Thanks to : @steemcurator01 , @stephenkendal, @pennsif, @kevinwong, @steemchiller, @xeldal, @ernaerningsih

PromoSteem Team
@arie.steem, @ponpase, @pojan

Promoters Team
@mcsamm - Ghana
@nattybongo - Ghana
@oscarcc89 - Venezuela
@saracampero - Venezuela
@talktofaith - Nigeria
@ngoenyi - Nigeria
@shahidchoudary - Pakistan
@ashkhan - Pakistan
@msharif - Bangladesh

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Great achievement, set goals. Stay consistent!


Mantap.Luar biasa. Gimana caranya


Tetap konsisten


Insya allah. Sya pakai club100 beberapa hari lalu baru rencana PD januari. Kiban jit meunan


thank you so much for the motivation