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Hello promoters around the world !!!

Booming Support on December

This is an update post about the PromoSteem community. Greetings to all esteemed community members and stakeholders. Through this post, the PromoSteem community announces good news for all our esteemed community members and promoters.

This December, the PromoSteem community again received booming tier 1 support. Another opportunity to increase prize awards for those who carry out promotional activities. Since this community was founded in March, we have grown and developed.

PromoSteem Fest 2021

Stakeholders in the PromoSteem Community will use this trust and support wisely. This December through the "PromoSteem Fest 2021" program, we will prioritize full support for Meet Up or Workshop events. Every Meet Up or Workshop event organizer will get more attention to support their content on the community page.

The same will also be obtained by the participants of the Meet Up or Workshop. Please take your opportunity to grow together with the PromoSteem community. We invite all users to participate in the support program this December.

Meet Up / Workshop Topic

So, in December we will provide extra support for Meet Up or Workshop events. Please take your chances to get support for this program.

The following are topics that must be discussed at a Meet Up or Workshop.

  • Empower and introduce the community on Steemit.

  • Promote Steemit to others.

  • How to make Steem investments via Exchange.

  • Promote and introduce the #club5050, #club75 or #club100 programs.

  • How to improve content quality.

Notes :

  • Meet Up / Workhsop activities are events that are held this month.

  • Implementation of the event must be supported by media publications and banners containing the title of the event and the date of the event.

  • Meet Up / Workshop events must be attended by at least 10 people.

  • Some areas that implement health protocols for the prevention of Covid-19, we hope that all implementers and participants can comply with the rules that apply in their area.

General Rules

The following are general rules covering all aspects of support in this program:

  1. Organizing or participating in Meet Up / Workshop events.

  2. Posts must describe the Meet Up / Workshop event in detail.

  3. Attach documentation in the form of photos/videos related to Meet Up/Workshop events.

  4. Attach a selfie photo while participating in the event, as a sign of participation in the Meet Up / Workshop event.

  5. Topics discussed at Meet Up / Workshop events must be in line with the above guidelines.

  6. Posts must be original.

  7. The user has joined the #club5050, #club75 or #club100 program.

  8. Posts must be in English.

  9. Posts must use the tags #promo-steem and #steemexclusive.

  10. Posts must set up 10% of beneficiaries for the account.

  11. Post title must begin with the words "PromoSteem Fest 2021"

  12. Posts do not use a bid bot service.

  13. All forms of plagiarism, fraud and data processing will be flagged/muted.

Thus this update post. Hopefully this will provide some guidance for the support program this month. What are you waiting for? Please take your opportunity to participate in this program.

Posts that meet the criteria will get 100% upvote support by + boomimg support.

Kind regard,


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Thanks to Steemit Team : @steemcurator01

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This is great and amazing, i will love to participate fully on this project

This is great, we are already organizing this meetup this month of December

Thank you @pomosteem for this information, it's timely and it's also a form of encouragement to me personally

Wow this is amazing but can it be organized online?

Thanks for sharing this sir. We need to create this awareness as fast as possible.

A very great and interesting program for me to join, and I will do it. Thank you very much for explaining the ways and rules for this program . 🤗

This is an awesome one from @promo-steem. With this, many will be motivated to do more in their little unites and teams.


Wow this initiative is really great steem worth Promotion and great mentorship

This is lovely I will participate fully. Thank you @promosteem for this program.

Thank you @pomosteem, I will participate in this promotion and must organize the meeting in December.

Another great initiative by best community. I hope everyone can participate in this and show their engagement. Also share their promotional activities.

Promosteem Fest 2021 this is going to be super exciting, plans underway for promosteem-Ghana

With great sadness I will have to withdraw my Sponsorship of the community account going forward.

It has been an absolute pleasure to support you guys and everything you have done.

Without the support on my account I will no longer be able to fund future sponsorships and cash giveaways without powering down.

I will review everything again in a few months.

In the meantime I would like to wish you all great success in promoting #Steem.

Keep up the great work.



With all due respect, I thank you very much for all your support to this community sir. I really understand your decision.

I hope we can work together again in the future and keep in touch.

Communities are like wheels, sometimes above and below, and for now we will continue to run this community with all the efforts we can give.

once again. thank you very much sir

best regards


Thanks Arie and thanks for understanding.

All the very best for 2022.



Hello sir, thank you very much for your support so far.

I hope and ask you to continue to support user & content in the PromoSteem community.

Thank you very much, have a nice day.


Hello sir, I have a weekly meeting program. This program is called PromoSteem Learn With Steem "Go Around to Cafe & Resto.

This event takes place regularly every weekend. This is a meeting to guide, mentor, provide guidance to newbies and promote Steem in Cafe or Resto. I really hope for your support to support all participants who attended this event.

Here I recommend their posts.

I will continue to recommend participant posts to you. Every time after they have published it. I'll link to that in the comments here.

Hopefully you can help this promotional activity through vote support. Thank you very much for your attention and support. Have a nive day sir.