Steemit Is Worth Promoting Let’s Come Together And Make The Steemit Dream A Reality .#CLUB5050

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Are you not just happy when you are able to tell a friend about steemit and then he is ready to join? There is some type of happiness you get when he finally shows enthusiasm in the platform and then fights and works hard to thrive on the platform. Usually it’s not easy to sign someone up and then the person will come whole heartedly to learn if the benefits you promised him or her are not seen in the first few weeks. This is perfectly normal, but it amazes me when people think it’s too easy and they don’t wanna work their ass of to be able to make it.


Investing in steemit doesn’t mean you should buy steem all the time even though that is the preferred option these day. I sometimes wish that I could buy some steem and power up if I had the funds. I am someone who is interested in building my steem power; but well this is not what we are talking about right 😂

Now back to the topic, the moment you agree to be on steemit I think you are a promoter or we can call ourselves mini promoters. Cause we sometimes make mini promotions without even knowing we are promoting steemit. But I wanna ask, after making those mini promotions don’t you feel like you have achieved something great.


This is the happiness that comes with steemit and I think we should all thrive to promote the platform to our friends and to people we don’t know to be able to bring investors to achieve the steemit dream of the number 1 platform to run to for investors. When we are able to get enough inverters who will invest their steem power into the platform we will all get to where were we want to be in the near future.

Thanks for reading.

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The amazing Steemit is indeed worth promoting

Thanks for accepting to join hands in promoting steemit.

Honestly Steemit is

Worth Promoting, keep it up