Diary PromoSteem ( July, 05 2021) PromoSteem to My Best Friends,

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Hello friends, hopefully wherever we are always given blessings, health and smooth sustenance, amen. In this post I will share a little of my experience in doing promosteem to my hangout friends, to college friends, but as long as I do promosteem, this is the first time my college friend who wants to join this platform is @ferdaalbanna, yes he is Campus friends as well as hanging out friends, we're pretty close how not, we've known each other from one boarding school, one village, one college with him

I will tell you a little about my experience in doing a steemit promo to one of my friends, it can be said that it is a little strange why not, three months ago I registered my account on this platform at one of the coffee shops at that time and precisely beside him (@ferdaalbanna). At that time I also invited him to register and I also explained a little about this steemit to him, but he didn't care.

Well, currently we are a Community Service Lecture group (KPM), during this activity I always maximize the time to always write about my activities on this platform during this activity, he also asks "what are you writing" I answered briefly "Steemit "He also asked the question "how come you can write every day" he concluded. I also answered seriously, why am I serious "because every writing or our work will get curation, so I am excited to write, besides adding insight, I hope that Sbd can be disbursed, I concluded, after explaining in more detail about this steemit to him, what is Sbd , what is Steem, what is Steem Power, and I explain a little about this Steemit key.

when we were hanging out at one of the coffee shops in the city of Lhokseumwe at that time and suddenly he said,


"teach me to register a steemit account" I immediately helped him in making his steemit account to completion. And don't forget to teach him how to play this platform, how to post posts, how to add photos to posts, and I immediately joined him in one of the newcomer communities and told him to post about self-introductions first.

Okay friends, that's my experience when doing promosteem to my friends, hopefully it will be useful and hopefully many other users will join this platform.

Link Introduction by @ferdaalbanna : https://steemit.com/hive-172186/@ferdaalbanna/archivement-1-introduce-my-self

PromoSteem Team :

@arie.steem , @ponpase , @pojan


@julstamban Promoter - Philippines

@jassennessaj Promoter - Philippines

@vipnata Promoter - Italy

@mcsamm Promoter - Ghana

@nattybongo Promoter - Ghana

Thanks to:

@steemcurator01 @stephenkendal @dobartim @kevinwong @booming01 @xeldal

that's all and thank you, best regards @rzkmlnrhmn

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Foto meucahaya that dilikot. Hahaha...Mese kaleuh jipegoet intro le si Ferda, neutamah link post intro !


Alakadar bang potojih ahaha


Ukeu hanjeut le alakadar, harus maksimal ! Haha

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thank you Mr!