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a day with great promoters @arie.steem @ponpase @pojan

Hello promoters..

I wish everyone have a great day, fill with happiness and keep spirit for doing #promo-steem activity every where you go. Lets keep it up and fighting🤗🤗

On this occasion I want to share experiences and valuable moments that I got when attending meet ups and gatherings steemian promoters organized by the steem promo community. The event took place on Sunday, October 10. Activities start from 14.00 WIB until finished. The activity was attended by more than 30 steemian people from the city of Lhokseumawe and Aceh north of Indonesia.

The location of the activity is very convenient, namely in one of the tourist attractions with the name *** Ujungblang Beach***
Here's the location link from what3words

In the #promo-steem activity which is also the meet up activity, apart from being a gathering place between steemians, I also gained a lot of useful knowledge. There we got to know each other through self-introduction sessions.


meet up with female steemians


meet up with @bangmimi @teukumuhas


meet up participants present


me with @sasyasheema12


self introduction session

Next, @ponpase opened the activity by introducing the promosteem community and the rules that exist in the community. He also then explained about the sub-projects that exist in the community, one of which is the #steemforsdgs project.


@ponpase is introducing the promosteem community

Then @arie.steem as the founder of the community also shared his experiences while working in steemit. The participants of the meet up were enthusiastic to hear the story from him. In addition, Arie also provides direction and guidance on what activities can be supported by the steem promo community. He also stated that he was looking forward to the latest innovations from steemian to do steem promos.


community founder @arie.steem is sharing his experience


serious meet up participants join the event


meet up participants who were present enthusiastically listened

The next session we also listened to the experience of a seasoned steemian who was a guest speaker, namely bang @ayijufridar. He also shared his experience during steemit, and gave tips to become a successful steemian, namely by working hard and investing and avoiding plagiarism activities.


senior steemian @ayijufridar shares tips

After listening to the experiences of these great steemians, we then enjoyed the food that had been prepared. Eating together also has its own excitement, enjoying grilled chicken dishes and young coconut ice drinks with a really delicious beach atmosphere. Moreover, the togetherness that exists between steemians adds to the more exciting atmosphere.


enjoy grilled chicken


photo with founder and mod from the steem promo community


with @ponpase @arie.steem @sasyasheema12 dan @pojan


gathering n meet up

That's the excitement I felt when attending meet ups and gatherings, a day with great steemian. There's always new knowledge that I get every time I meet and get acquainted with great steemians who are also promoters. I hope I can follow in their footsteps and be successful like them.

Thank you for all steemian friend who have visit my post.🤗😊

Special mention : Thank you for the support from @stephenkendal @pennsif @kevinwong, @steemchiller @xeldal

My regards to:
PromoSteem Team
@arie.steem , @ponpase , @pojan

Promotor Team

Best Regards,


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Good job buk


Makasih sudah mampir 🤗


Iya sama2 ibuk

Terimakasih ibuk sudah berhadir


Terimakasih juga undangannya dan sajian hidangannya 🤗😊. Salam sukses buat semuanya

Mantap Bu @sailawana, terimakasih sudah datang. Sukses terus untuk ibu ☺️


Terimakasih sudah mampir ya. Semoga lain waktu bisa ketemu lagi. Salam sukses steem on !!🤗🤗


Sama-sama Bu,.. salam sukses untuk kita semua Bu 😊


Aamiin😇 STEEM.ON!!

Terima kasih banyak sudah hadir, semoga bermanfaat !


With my pleasure.🤗🤗. Srnang bisa bertemu anak.muda hebat seperti kaian semua. Sukses buat semuanya ya..🤗😇

Wow seru ya kk... kapan ya ada yang kayak gini disigli...?


Kalau ada nnti kk kbri ya 🤗


Thank you very much my lovely sister

Sangat antusias melihat para promotor di Indonesia berkumpul, mari tepuk tangan untuk kita semua.


Steem on !!

Semoga sukses 😊


Makasih yu 🤗

gak dapat undangan nya 😔


Iya ya, kakak jg gak teringat krn sibuk pelatihan.kk di invite melalui nanda. Next klu ada lagi kk kabari akbar ya..


siap, terimakasih kakak lon 😊


You are welcome 🤗

Useful activities, hopefully we can continue to add insight and enthusiasm in sharing and promoting steem to the wider community.

Sorry I couldn't attend because I arrived late from out of town. Good luck to all of you


Thank you for dropping by to my post. Success for all of us🤗. STEEM ON!!

Que bonita experiencia, gracias por compartirla y motivar a otros.

Really good job. Very well posted. I have selected your post for Promo-Steem Social media Project. Now I will share your post on Twitter social media to promote.

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Thank you very much for the appreciation 🤗😘. So excited to know this 🤗

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