STEEM For SDGS Becomes an Event Organizer at the Meet Up and Gathering With Indonesian Promoters [ Supported by PromoSteem Community ]

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Hello Promoters all over the world, I think you must already know about the event that was just organized by the Indonesian promoter! The holding of this great event started with the initiative of young people, who are promoters from Indonesia, they look very enthusiastic, still hot like meat that has just been removed from the roast is still very delicious to enjoy. So that the meet up and gathering event was finally carried out and produced special results.


In this meet up and gathering event, STEEM For SDGs Goes forward to offer to be an Event Organizer. We are the implementing team of STEEM For SDGs and are very confident to make and make this meeting a success. Thanks to the teamwork and volunteers, the event was successfully carried out safely and comfortably. We are very happy to be able to coordinate this important activity until it is finished without any obstacles and stay run quietly, safely and conducively.


This event was organized by STEEM For SDGs. The PromoSteem community fully supports this event. We as a team from STEEM For SDGs must take advantage of the opportunity and trust from the PromoSteem community as well as possible. It is hoped that in the future there will still be greater opportunities to organize activities that are bigger and more luxurious than these activities. We are also always ready to be a partnership in every PromoSteem Community activity.



This time the PromoSteem meet up and gathering was attended by +30 Indonesian Promoters and 2 participants from newcomers. The organizing committee trusts @bangmimi as moderator. And filled in by two great speakers, namely: @arie.steem, as the Leader & Founder of the PromoSteem community and @ayijufridar as an inspiration and motivator. both are senior steemians. While the foreword and remarks were filled by @ponpase representing the implementing committee as well as Indonesian Promoters.


I saw several steemians who were present they really enjoyed this meeting, in addition to gaining new knowledge, they were also able to release the longing of fellow steemians. Some of the newcomers were very enthusiastic about listening to the material explanations and experiences from the speakers. Also a senior steemians. This can be a learning opportunity for them to develop in steemit in the future. Every presentation delivered by several speakers was certainly very inspiring and motivating for all of them. That way it can raise their enthusiasm to continue to be active, creative and develop in steemit.



At the end of the meeting we continued with the agenda of eating together. We also never forget to capture every important moment. Invite each other photos for documentation. Because group photos have become an obligation for steemians, as evidence of participation in activities. Before going home we support each other to develop in steemit. Because we believe, everything will be successful in its time, our job is just to try and continue to do our best. The hope is that we can always be successful together.


  • Participants Understand PromoSteem community rules
  • Increase the creativity and enthusiasm of participants to do promotions
  • Get to know sub-projects in the PromoSteem community
  • Knowing the STEEM program for the SDGs
  • Increase cooperation for promotional activities
  • Planning to create a new sub-project in the PromoSteem community
  • Planning educational activities and member presentations through weekly virtual meetings
  • Successfully attracted 2 newcomers to join Steemit











Special Thanks to : steemcurator01, @stephenkendal, @kevinwong, @pennsif, @steemchiller @xeldal

PromoSteem Teams
@arie.steem, @ponpase, @pojan

Promotors Teams
@julstamban Promotor - Filipina
@vipnata Promotor - Italia
@mcsamm Promotor - Ghana
@rex-sumon Promotor - Bangladesh
@nattybongo Promotor - Ghana

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Best Regards : @teukumuhas

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Make steem great again, we do together! Steem On! Greeting for all Indonesian promotor


Of course, we are doing together..!


hard work! and never forget for sleep! Steem On!


Okay. Thank you. Steem on !


Thank you bro!

Acara yang sangatlah hebat


Bereh Aneuk muda 🤣


Aneuk muda harus selalu didepan


Bukan maen, lage slogan yg mahal 🤣



Ada ada saja

Kami tunggu pertemuan selanjutnya kawan.. acara yang sangat menarik


Hehe.. acara selanjutnya kita tunggu informasi dari leader aja bro

Awesome 🤗


Makasih bu @sailawana ☺️🤗


Sama2🤗. Salam sukses buat kita semua 🤗


Baik Bu 😊

Semoga setiap sebulan sekali silahturahmi ini tetap terjaga dengan baik bang



Kalau ada kesempatan kedepan kita pasti akan membuat silaturrahmi lagi, mungkin akan lebih meriah dari kemarin ☺️ semangat terus untuk kita semua ☺️

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