Taking steem as payment for my artworks? Why not?

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I have thought about it and I have stopped thinking about it that's because I have found the answer I was searching for. It didn't really need me to think that much but Since we have to make sure that whatever it is, will work in our favour, then thinking it first is necessary.

But before I begin with this discussion, let me share with us a pencil drawing that I made.
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This was done with charcoal pencil and graphite pencils on pelican paper, and it took around 5 hours to be completed. The procedure in making realistic pencil piece such as this can be so overwhelming for you have to go stage by stage and also go slow on it to avoid mistakes because there are some pencils that can't be totally erased. So if you make a mistake and you try cleaning and it doesn't clean, you will have to redraw so going slow is Beneficial. And also going slow makes it come out good although 5 hours to most artist is pretty small, some go a week or even more on a piece.

Making pencil drawings can be quite messy and that means you gotta mop the floor when you finish a piece especially when you work with charcoal dust. Indeed very messy.

I will talk about my art later just keep enjoying viewing the progress shots.




Now let me pour out what I finally decided. First of all, steem is an investment it's either you invest your time or your resources so if I am being paid in steem, it will be a win situation for me because with the promising future of steem, The value of whatever I was being paid grows and secondly, it's very easy to be disciplined enough to hold steem till the value appreciates but it isn't very easy to be disciplined in holding fiat currencies.

Now making steem to accumulate is pretty easy and it does have a way of making you work even harder to increasing the steem asset. And I discovered that earning in steem can be used for bigger projects and I am pretty sure that most steemians here have bought a car, built houses or rented apartments with steem. I know of few who have done a lot with steem. I even bought a digital camera and other art supplies with the steem I gathered.

So in summary what I am trying to say in essence is, if you can get payments in steem, please do because,

  • It appreciates with time
  • It is easier to save
  • It gives us the urge to work even harder
  • It helps in bigger projects
  • You are less likely to be robbed**

But please this isn't a financial advice though. I am just sharing with us what I think and What I believe. And if you have what to contribute to this post, I will be so much happy ro learn thank you

Now about my art. Who wants to pay me in steem😄?

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start success go! go! go!

Amazing work friend. I found you after the post from @worldofxpilar. You have an amazing talent.


Ohh really?? I have been posting a lot there so I decided to be a part of other communities as well. Thank you so much for your kind words😊


That's cool.
If only people start to support real art it would be a really great moment for the deserving ones.. Don't you think??


That's right! I think so too. The fact that we should do it for cheap scares me even Sometimes they want it for free. I just hope one day we will get all the support we need. We keep our heads high and do what we love doing and the support we deserve will come through


True. This is why all artist can understand this pain of each other hehe. So, atleast we as an artist can support each other which is a must.
Followed you.


Yea thanks for the follow. Followed you as well. Let's keep making awesome art

Very beautiful. Congratulations


Thank you so much