Why You Should Visit Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

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In this series of question we will seek answers from the Steem Community to the question, "Why you should experience (through a visit, travelling around etc) a particular country, locality or spot?"

People visit a place for various reasons. But these questions are posted to assist the tourists who are looking for interesting places to visit.

The tourist attraction could be a region, a country, a state within a country, a county, a city, a town, a tourist spot or any other place of interest to the tourist.

In addition to asking why you should visit a current tourist spot, we will also ask question on spots which we think has the potential to be a tourist location in the future.

In answering these questions you would, among other things, talk about the interesting things to do in the places referred to.

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If you are foodie, then Malaysia is a heaven for you.

Batu Caves itself is one of the most visited tourist locations in the world. It is famous for its annual Thaipusam Festival, when millions of devotees of Lord Muruga and tourist throng the place to participate in or witness the festival.

The caves in Batu Caves are reputedly 400 millions years old and are home to some animals and fauna not found elsewhere. Nature lovers interested in caves would certainly find this place very interesting to explore.

Batu Caves also attracts a fair number of rock climbers from around the world. It offers about 160 climbing routes.