Ask Steem Don't Seem To be Meeting Its Purpose

2년 전

When you ask a question, you're supposed to get an answer, right? But that don't seem to be happening here. People just ask questions with no one bothering to give replies, what's the purpose of asking if no one will bother to answer?


If this community have to come to life emphasis should be placed on answering than on asking. If people can be rewarded with upvotes when they give meaningful answers to people's questions then more people will be encouraged to start answering questions and make the community lively than just having questions littering the whole place with no answers.

Maybe this is just reflecting the general state of steemit as a whole. The level of interaction here has really gotten very low and it's kinda making the place very uninteresting. Making steemit interactive is the only way this place can be brought back to life again if that can be possible. Just saying!

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Hi @resuscitate,

If you are familiar with askreddit, you will know that it takes years for a community to become popular. Askreddit started of with no rewards (they only started their reward system very recently) and yet they reached millions of followers and became very popular with many professionals and experts participating in it. They too went through an extremely slow progress with no one answering any questions for a few years in the beginning.

Ask.Steem is only about 3 months old and has only 173 members currently. It has to reach a minimum of a few thousand members before it starts to see some meaningful activity. That is a reality in steem blockchain when upvotes are small in value. If the users are rewarded with upvotes worth more than $2.00 each for their postings you will see the participation increase dramatically overnight. You nailed it when you said, "Maybe this is just reflecting the general state of steem(it) as a whole."

If AskReddit could gather millions of members without a reward system in place over a few years, the potential for Ask.Steem over the years would be far greater.

Besides that there is one more point. In AskReddit members post their questions without any images. That makes it easier for them to do so.

In Ask.Steem, although there is no requirement that you much post your questions with images, the initial users have been using images for all their posts. Probably, seeing everybody posting with images, new users think it is a must. That probably has a discouraging effect.

You need to have patience in social media. None of the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc) saw success overnight. They too went through a similar period of lackluster performance just like steem. But those initial users who stuck with them with patience from the beginning reaped huge profits later as they had built up a follower base and reputation when the platforms took off.

Be patient. Don't be anxious. You will be rewarded amply if you could wait with hope and endurance.


Very well put,


Thanks for the explanation, We are in full agreement with your view.

Besides, attracting participants based on high rewards would only attract those who would be ever ready to leave in the future to another platform which offers even better reward. It is not a sustainable model.

It is better to attract participants who really enjoy asking open-ended questions and/or answer them. That is the way AskReddit got to where to they are, with absolutely no rewards in the beginning. It takes time, but it's worth it.


I got your point. Well done for the lengthy explanation.