Unrequited love

2개월 전

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Changing weather,
Dropping time,
Chest speeding,
And my heart searching words.

All eyes on you,
Angry over eyes,
And I closed my eyes.

Time moving like whipping,
Coz, I fell for you,
Lines of Poetry flashing,
Paining languages ​​to write are mine.

You stood as big as the sea,
I'm just a small wave,
Pouring me into the burning fire,
The love flames are put out.

Everybody blindfolded,
Night without noises,
I am craving for your love.

Living in a riotous dream,
I reached out and touched you,
The first kiss was why I got stuck in it,
Your eye like a lotus that big,
Lips as tender as peach,
Still awaken by your scent in the breeze.

What was known in the dream,
When I woke up, I hid,
Day to day rain in my dreams.

Love in the eyes,
A kind of reluctance,
Decrease hours by second,
Dissolve my love life,
Something made my beat rise.
Casting the play of fate.

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