Application for Month Support Program (November 2021) by Steem For Better life Community


Greetings to Steemit Team

The Steem For Better Life community was established on September 16, 2021 with the announcement of migration from the @worldsmile account PLEASE ATTENTION: BETTER LIFE COMMUNITY HAS BEEN MIGRATED TO STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE, The migration between the Steem education community and the Better life community gave birth to a new community called STEEM FOR BETTER LIFE, this community has an important role in improving steem education, promo-steem in social activities

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Community Formation Purpose

The Steem For Better Life community made a new breakthrough from international charity in the "World Smile Project (WSP)" program and the Steem/Crypto Education program, mentoring all steem account users through information about steem progress, steem investment, power-ups and organizing contests that have a positive impact on future steem education

Community Purpose

The Steem For Better Life community purpose are as follows:

• Performing World Smile Project Program by raising funds through community members by assigning payments to accounts @worldsmile and @adollaraday
• Asingn support and motivation to steem account users in three main aspects, namely Steem/crypto Education, Investment and PowerUp

The general purpose of Steem For Better Life is seen as having a strategic role in contributing to steem account users, this includes a wider aspect because it is not only Steem Education posts that can be published in the "STEEM FOR BETTER LIFE" community but also any related posts to improve better life

Steem For Better Life is a place to provide Mentoring and motivation to all steemit users, especially newcomers to be able to learn and understand various things about steem and open up steem investment opportunities for each user to build community strength through delegation or steem investment from internal or external wallets , with profit sharing to be set based on the percentage of delegates. Cooperation with investors will continue to be built through an investment approach.

Steem For Better Life has supported Power-Up through regular contests on Steem education and Investment, the intended contest is in the form of Steem Investing Contest which has been held for 16 editions organized by @irawandedy and

and then the Markdown Implementation Contest which is a continuation of the education implementation that is owned when completing Achievement 4 in the Newcomers Community program.

Differentiator Community

In general, every community has a vision and mission to increase promo-steem, but the strategies applied are complex. Well, here Steem For Better Life was born as a differentiator, we are here to provide a new nuance as an integral part of Steem growth through external investment and PowerUp, besides that further education about Steem is an important indicator as a place for learning about existing tools, as well as a medium for learning cryptocurrencies so they can directly contribute to the Crypto Academy.

The steem promo will also be touched by the wider community by providing assistance for public facilities in order to have a direct effect in the community in the "World Smile Project" program to introduce steemit to the public directly
Based on the Steem For Better Life program and vision and mission, every user should choose to be part of this community because what is most expected on this platform is Positive activities to make life better in the future

Community Structure

Steem For Better Life has 1754 subscribers and has a structure consisting of four admins, namely @el-nailul @heriadi, @irawandedy and @miftahuddin, all have strategic roles for community growth through input and encouragement from 7 moderators (@liasteem @mariana4ve, @klen.civil @sofian88 @worldsmile, @adollaraday, @endplagiarism04 and one moderator as a community tribute to the steemit team, namely @steemcurator01).

@endplagiarism04 moderator who has a central role to maintain the balance of the community so that it is free from plagiarism and spam content. Community support for moderators is carried out in the form of initial steem power delegation by admins and moderators and subsequent delegations will be carried out regularly and continuously.

Team Award

The investment strategy implemented in Steem For Better Life applies a 50:50 system, meaning that teams that have the initiative to build a community can carry out their Steem Power Delegation, there they will get profit sharing according to the community's income which is directly proportional to the number of their delegates.

The short-term community program does not provide rewards and incentives to the team because the initial phase of community development can be carried out by applying the nature of gotong royong and commitment to voluntary community building. However, Steem For Better Life has a long-term program in the form of appreciation for the team's hard work in building a community according to their workload.

The reward can be allocated from the income of the official community account posting every week and is given measurably according to the amount of income earned and the contribution of the community team.

Community Admin

Steem For Better Life has 4 admins (@el-nailul @heriadi, @irawandedy and @miftahuddin), this is done to accommodate community needs with planned strategic programs, the strength of 4 admins will facilitate performance in community operations in running international charity programs and steem education.

Admins have the same access rights to the community, all admins fill each other's roles and have full access to the community account, both the master key, private post key, and other keys stored in the community's online Drive.

Curation Account

The idea of curation accounts was created to distribute positive sounds in the form of upvotes and give birth to official content that is updated periodically in accordance with the program that has been designed. As a curation account in the Steem For Better Life community has 24,828.81 SP (22,438.15 sourced from delegates and 2,390.66 SP obtained from PowerUp community account post rewards).

Delegations are generally obtained from admins, moderators and members who are carried out voluntarily as a form of concern for the growth and development of the community.

Admin has access to vote on posts by delegates, members and other users outside the community, the percentage of internal upvotes refers to the percentage of delegates given and users outside the community can be adjusted to the quality of the content created. External voice support is intended as an effort to promote the community so that the intensity will continue to grow from time to time.

Based on data quoted from the web-based application, currently has voting CSI : 8.9 ( 0.01 % self, 293 upvotes, 81 accounts, last 7d ). During this time each week community accounts are operated to vote for 293 posts (on average per week).

Plagiarism and Abuse

Steem For Better Life opposes negative activities carried out on the Community homepage, so far the community has directed and given warnings to users who plagiarize content and spam activities, the second strike is done by applying pressure and the third strike for the same account is done by muting the content the.
To create a plagiarism-free community, Steem For Better Life has invited @endplagiarism04 to be part of the community, the community appointed him as one of the moderators so that he has access to negative account activity.

Inter-Community Cooperation

Steem For Better Life also collaborates with newcomers Community, there are 2 Greeters (@heriadi and @radjasalman) who verify new user accounts through Achievement 1 on Newcomers Community and 2 Greeter Helpers (@irawandedy and @nadilchairy), this is considered a big capital for Selecting Steem For Better Life members selectively so that they are free from the Elements of Abuse which are a negative list for platforms and communities.

Implementing programs

Steem For Better Life as a community of World of Charity and Education for Steem is running several programs in the form of projects from the World Smile project and Education for Steem that require support from various parties, especially the steemit team so that the program we plan will run smoothly and have a promo-steem effect. in the future

• world smile project for Venezuela in collaboration with the CRYPTO KID community WSP OFFICIAL REPORT: Housing Program Compilation Report

Power-Up Campaign to Support Club5050

The entire Steem For Better life Community team supports the power-up campaign, in this case the admin and moderator have also become part of club5050 and are committed to fully support Club5050 by inviting members of the steem for betterlife community to join Club5050.

Steem For Better Life encourages community members to take part in club5050 by carrying out the following campaigns:

Currently the number of subscribers and active posters in the STEEM FOR BETTER LIFE community has increased significantly during the club5050 campaign, this success can also be seen in the large number of support for posts with the tagging #club5050 which are supported by the steemit team curation account @steemcurator

So we made this request, we hope to get the support of the steemit team for the Steem For Betterlife Community in November 2021, Tahnk you

Warm Regard

Tim Steem For Better Life

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It's time to promote steem and steemit together, both in the form of charity and by always supporting the program from the steemit team.

success for the steem community for better life

Wonderful, the community is growing, great improvement.

Sukses terus untuk komunitas steem for better life
Semoga terus meningkat dan para Steemians akan terus berkembang dalam platform steemit


Semoga dapat merajut mimpi dan membawa senyuman bagi mereka! Hiduplah steem for betterlife....

Be the most important part for the common good through STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE

Thanksgiving to admins, mods, and also all members of the Steemian STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE family. Together we continue to move forward and improve our activities so that we can be trusted by all Steemian and Steemit teams, also let's support all activities and programs available with #club5050
Together we grow.
May this community always be successful.

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Very good proposal for "Application for Month Support Program" for November. Hopefully the "Steem for BetterLife" Community will be more advanced and successful and hopefully get support for this November.

hopefully the steem for betterlifr community will grow and prosper in the future.


All the best wishes for this community. STEEM ON

Assalamualaikum, Pak @heriadi saya telah mendelegasikan sedikit SP yang saya miliki, semoga dapat di verifikasi pak.