CLUB5050 | 100% Power Up Today (Total Steem Power 7,611.888 STEEM POWER)



As a form of consistency in increasing the strength of personal accounts, today I re-released a post about Power Up, I did it and will continue to do so in an effort to increase the strength of the account and keep the STEEM Ecosystem growing. I have a reserve of 7.4 SBD obtained from curating posts and currently, I am converting the SBD in the form of STEEM, from that conversion I have 86.79 STEEM, and all of them I Power Up.

Bukti Penukaran SBD ke STEEM dan Power UP

In the next picture, I also show the history of the power-ups that I did during October 2021, a total of 6 Power Up activities that I did, ranging from 2,040 STEEM to 131,998 STEEM and overall I did 437,671 STEEM Power-Ups. If you look at the history of Power Up for the last 7 days, I have done this activity 5 times, with total Power UP 362,343 STEEM.

Jepretan Layar 2021-10-18 pukul 16.44.23.png

I realize that Power Up is not only an effort to increase account strength but this Positive trend is carried out to maintain the stability of the STEEM ecosystem now, in the future, and forever. This is not the main thing in increasing the value of STEEM, but Promo-steem to invite investors to buy STEEM and make it an asset of the future.

If you look at the activities from March to October 2021, the number of Power-Ups I did was 5,789,640 STEEM. I hope that Steem for Betterlife Community members also see the potential of STEEM as an investment in the future so that they continue to embrace Power Up as a culture that should be preserved.

Jepretan Layar 2021-10-18 pukul 17.01.49.png

Thank you for the support and attention of all parties, especially members of the Steem For Betterlife Community, so that the spirit of the community will continue to live in line with the vision and mission of the Steem For Betterlife community.

cc: @pennsif

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Assalamualaikum bang @irawandedy, Alhamdulillah saya sudah membuat naskah achievement 3, Mohon di koreksi bang mungkin ada salah dalam naskah saya, Ini adalah tautan achievement 3 saya :

Maaf jika menggangu waktunya bang, Terima kasih bang @irawandedy

Assalamuàlaikum bang @irawandedy

Mohon untuk melihat Achievement 5 task 1 yang saya buat
Apakah ada yang salah atau bagaimana.


Okey teurimeung geunaseh aduen..

Sudah boleh saya buat yang Acheivement 5 task 2 bang kan.

Assalamualaikum bang @irawandedy,mohon maaf mengganggu waktunya,saya sudah menyelesaikan tugas achievement 5.3,berikut link tautan tugas milik saya :

Terimakasih banyak bang...


Wa'alaikumsalam.... Selesai

#club5050 #welovepowerups


Siap terimakasih bang

Assalamualaikum pak @irawandedy, mohon maaf sebelumnya. Saya Hanya ingin memberitahu bahwa saya telah menyelesaikan tugas 5-1. Mohon tinjauannya pak. Terima kasih



Lanjutkan achievement berikutnya

Assalamualaikum bang @irawandedy, saya sudah menyelesaikan tugas Achievement 5. Jika ada kesalahan atau kekurangan mohon sudi kiranya untuk dikoreksi bang. Berikut tautan Achievement 5 milik saya

Mohon maaf sebelumnya bang jika mengganggu waktunya . Terimakasih banyak bang @irawandedy.

Very nice Power Ups with the #club5050. Always Success for you my Friend.


Thank Mr for support

Halo bg @irawandedy
Saya sudah menyelesaikan tugas Achievement 3 saya, jika terdapat kalimat yang salah mohon untuk dikoreksinya aduen.

Berikut saya kirimkan tautan Achievement 3 milik saya :

Assalamulaikum bang @irawandedy, Saya sudah menyelesaikan tugas achievment 6, Jika ada salah kata ataupun kalimat yang tidak nyaman mohon di koreksi bang, Berikut adalah tautan Achievment 6 milik saya :
Mohon maaf sebelumnya bang, jika menggangu waktunya, Terima kasih banyak bang @irawandedy.


Selesai... Bergabunglah dengan berbagai komunitas yang relevans dengan potensi yang kamu miliki

Assalamualaikum bang @irawandedy ,saya sudah menyelesaikan tugas achievement 5 task 4,mohon di koreksi jika ada yang salah,berikut link tautannya :

Terimakasih banyak bang...

[WhereIn Android] (


Assalamualaikum bg..saya sudah menyelesaikan achievement ke 5 teks 2

Achievement 5 Teks 2 by @fahmiam || Review

Kalo ada salah mohon tegurannya bg 🙏
Maaf jika terganggu waktu abg...
Terima kasih 🌹


Lanjutkan bro...


Siap bg 😂🙏