Five #club5050 Campaign Programs in Steem For Betterlife Community


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25% Reward for @worldsmile : As an Acceleration of Free Education Center Development

As a person who has an identity, one of which is concentrated in STEEM Education and Investment, STEEM For BetterLife Community continues to develop this sector as a community asset that must continue to be cultivated in the community, so that the identity of the upper community continues to survive and becomes a trigger to improve the STEEM economy.

Although currently the Steemit Blog is releasing the latest update on community support in November, and the birth of a new hashtag #club5050, we have tried to cultivate Power Up as a thing that must be done in this community, not only members but admins and moderators also have the same role as an attempt to increase the power of personal and community accounts through delegation.

Along with the birth of a new hashtag, Steem For BetterLife Community has updated the form of Promo-Steem with different packaging but has the same orientation. There are 5 essential Programs developed by the community to realize and encourage Power-ups as the essence of the platform's expectations. The five programs in question are:

5,000.000 SP Delegation Program for Active Members Steem For Better Life in the #club5050 Campaign

The program initiated by @heriadi as one of the Steem For BetterLife Community admins is packaged in the form of a regular contest, the orientation is that every community member can play a role and take part by participating in the #club5050 Campaign program through comments on every post in the community. At the end of each comment, contestants must write the hashtag #club5050 which is part of the campaign.

Contestants will be evaluated for their performance through a report made by including a link for each comment and upvote given to each post visited. Based on the report, the Team will decide to delegate to them.

STEEM Investing Contest 16th Edition

STEEM Investing and Power-Up is a contest that has been released since March 2021, This contest focuses on member activities in doing Power-Ups and Investments, this is done as an effort to encourage STEEM economic stability with members' efforts to do Power-Ups and Investments.

This contest was originally published by myself, but now I tend to publish it through the account so that the essence of Power-Up continues to grow and become entrenched for members of this community.

Contest Objectives:

  1. Increase user participation to continue to do Power-Ups as an effort to keep the STEEM Ecosystem stable
  2. Trigger user initiatives to do Power-Ups on an ongoing basis.
  3. Making STEEM the Asset of the future.
  4. Improving the STEEM Investment Climate
  5. Increase Individual or Community Strength.
  6. Media Promo-Steem


CONTEST : DIARY ACTION TO CAMPAIGN #CLUB5050 - Prize Pool 15 Steem + Support booming

@sofian88 as one of the moderators of the Community also took part in the #club5050 campaign, he held a regular contest with the theme of diary action. The goal is to increase Power-Up as an important program that must be maintained and preserved.

All Contestants can join this program by promoting #club5050 and inviting other users to join this program. I believe that Power-up will continue to grow and become a part of every member of this community.



Information media is one form of promotion that can influence users, such as online media/news or newspapers that continue to provide updated information, Steem for BetterLife Community through @irawandedy also seeks to publish power-up activities carried out.

We hope that the frequency of Power-Ups that continue to be carried out on this platform can trigger other users to continue to follow this Positive trend as an important thing and serve as the basis for building an account and the most important thing is to maintain the true strength of the STEEM economy.

Mini Crypto Program

Steem For BetterLife Community also has a female moderator who is concentrated on Crypto education, she is @liasteem who is the initiator of the Mini Crypto Program. The Crypto mini-program is a representation of the basic capital for members to take classes at Crypto Academy.

With interactive learning methods and well-guided by the initiator, it is hoped that members have a strong foundation about Crypto so that they can be used as initial capital to enter the Steemit Blog program.

Currently, this program is in a vacuum because @liasteem is busy taking care of his work in the real world, the community continues to encourage and need its role in doing steem promotions through basic crypto education for members in Steem For BetterLife Community.

cc: @pennsif @disconnect @el-nailul @miftahuddin @klen.civil

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I hope the hashtag #club5050 continues to grow in our community, and all members always prioritize power up, to improve the steem ecosystem in the future, greetings to the steem community for better life.


Assalamualaikum wr. wb. bang @irawandedy

Saya telah menyelesaikan Achievement 3, mohon dikoreksi apakah masih ada kekurangan atau kesalahan.

Dibawah ini saya tautan tautan Achievement 3 :


It will be a beautiful thing to see everyone participate in the #club5050 campaign.

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Hello, I am exploring the community and reviewing its rules, since I will visit it frequently and I will publish here the progress of the medical equipment received for my community El Tirano thanks to the World Smile Project, so I want to contribute to the development of the community and I like to place the #club5050 at the end of the comments.
In general I like your ideas and proposals, I will try to adhere to these and support, I have to distribute my voting power well as I also frequent other communities, a hug.
#onepercent #venezuela #affable #club5050