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Being kind should not be seen as hard work, it should be seen as a way of life. To show my act of kindness, I have been involved in numerous volunteer services of which I am very proud. Among the ones I am particularly proud of are the Focus Volunteers and Medea foundation group.

Focus groups specialize in sensitization of the entire public about child abuse. We go a long way to ensure that children who were abused either sexually or physically are being given a safe haven while the people who conduct such acts were reported to appropriate authorities. I am no longer a part of this group, but I still have fond memories of my time there. The recent memory I have was when we sensitized the Redeemed Christian church of God at Gbagada in 2021 on a Sunday morning service about the dangers of child abuse and what they should look out for. We told them to carefully study their wards and that their wards might be too terrified to speak out after they have been abused.

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what3words location

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-14 at 4.46.19 PM.jpeg

Picture was taken after the sensitization

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-02 at 3.52.28 AM.jpeg

This particular project was done around Ikorudu

I am still a member of the Medea foundation and what this group does is quite different from the first one. I also volunteered for this group, and they solicit funds from the public and look for orphanages or disabled baby homes to donate to. We ensure that we give it to the people who need this donation more as some homes are already well funded. The last outing, I had with this group came in December 2019. We visited three orphanages that day and distributed lots of food and necessities to the three homes. It was quite an event. This foundation engages in the act of spreading love and they do this once a year. I will be looking forward to joining this year's act.


I am right beside the guy who took the picture, I look regardless of me cutting my hair off completely



In a country where things are becoming much harder as the corrupt government continues to make life unbearable, I do my bit to make sure that I spread a little act of kindness. I have done a lot of random acts of kindness for no reason, even today on my way to work, I paid the T-fare of a random stranger who I don’t know from anywhere. I did this not because I have a lot of money (in reality, I am short fund now) but because I have always wanted to pay the t-fare of a random stranger.

The above is the most recent one which happened today. I also do my best to fix monetary problems among my friends and in my family. They are days when my friends and family might urgently need a quick fix and I do my best to be there as I know that they will be there for me also in such a case like that. Even if a colleague at work falls in the same bracket, I provide the help I could render to them likewise.

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This was the design i made for someone for free just yesterday, here is a view only link of the design on Canva

Aside from this, recently I have been engaging myself with being of value and service to people around me by providing resources (not monetary) and being of help to business owners. I have been learning graphic designing for a while now and in order to perfect my skills and build my portfolio, I have been helping small-scale businesses design logos and flyers for their businesses. I have designed lots of logos and flyers but I will be sharing just a few of my works here.

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Wow you are involved with activities that help others
The one that captured my heart was looking after the children abused.
The groups where you belong have very good initiatives


a lot of kids get abused in my locality and doing that was rather to be of service to humanity.

There is a joy in actually helping people that feels so much better when you can enjoy the joy. It's nice to hear that you sometimes help people in different ways. I also try to help people as much as I can. The presentation of your post was much better thank you.


thanks for attesting to the fact that I am getting better with my presentation

Woow thanks for joining the rest of your congregation in sensitizing about the dangers of child abuse and their implications

I am also very happy with what your group does as they solicit funds from the public in looking for orphanages and disabled people to donate to them. This is really great of you and your group. May God bless you and your group for this beautiful actions

I also see you are learning graphic design which you have been able to use your skills to help design logo and flyers to business owners. This is another act of kindness which is great 😃

Thanks for presenting your actofkindness activities to us


thanks for stopping by


You are welcome

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Thank you for participating in the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season2 week4 in the Steem For Betterlife community.

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Hello my friend, as you have said doing good should not be seen as hard work but rather a way of life, you have performed your duties to the people as regards the foundation you are, sensitizing people of the church about the danger of child abuse is an excellent work, most people are victims which couldn't stand for themselves, they could not voice out, but with your foundation, such people are strengthened with your back up and seek justice wherein
Only God repays kindness, he will repay you bountifully


amen. Thanks for the kind speeches


You are welcome bro

Excellent you wrote. Many, many good wishes for you.


thanks for stopping bye

The real happiness of man lies in doing service work. This is how you continue your welfare work. Many, many good wishes for you.


I agree with this view

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thank you