Importance of evidence of learning

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Importance of evidence of learning

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sometimes we may pay more attention to the fulfillment of the planning and to cover all the content than to achieve a high level of comprehension by the students and to verify such reach. This can be difficult for a variety of reasons, especially in this day and age where classes are distance learning and it is not very easy to check if the student has assimilated what is needed, or if they are the ones actually doing the activities.

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However, the teacher must be clear on what evidence will be used to determine if their students are learning what they have been taught and in the right way. The application and analysis of this evidence can be positive for both students and teachers.

In the case of students, it will allow them to evaluate their learning, for example, how they perform individually and as a group, the significance or relevance of what they have learned, what they have achieved, their progress and what aspects are difficult for them and what they need to improve or strengthen, their degree of satisfaction, among others.

In relation to the teachers, it will allow them to determine if they should adjust their teaching strategies, improve their relationship with the students, identify where they should place greater emphasis, among others. Its application also has a positive influence on the organization and orientation of the institution since it provides information about the contents that should be part of the curricular program expected to be covered in a given grade. As we can see, it allows us to be in constant learning and development.

However, when it is difficult to use the evidence of learning, either due to lack or problems with technology, lack of time, lack of disposition, planning, organization of the institution, establishment of procedures and formats for its application, the level of learning is not verified. This may be closely related to low performance and to the fact that the strategies and methodologies applied are not adequate either in schools or universities, wasting the opportunity to develop the full potential of students and that they do not show interest in learning.

From my experience, at the university level, the evidence applied is generally based on student work samples such as exams, reports, oral presentations, presentation of final projects. However, I also had the opportunity to teach at the high school level, and I could observe that in the institution these evidences are more applied since they give priority to daily records, behavioral observations, in addition to exams, papers, among others, and they have a stricter follow-up in terms of verifying the learning achieved by the students. However, this was difficult for me because of the large number of students per class.

As parents we must also verify the learning progress of our children, and work together with their teachers so that the objectives are achieved, feedback is produced and the pedagogical tools and practices used are improved.

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As we can see, it allows us to be in constant learning and development.

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Thanks for sharing dr, truly its both the duty of teachers and parents to evaluate learning in children