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Increase the attract of learning on children with special needs.

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Teaching children requires patience. Without patience, our teaching will fail. The view of children who sometimes do not meet expectations makes us feel confuse to anger emotions.
However, we cannot force children to follow as we want at once. It takes a process within the child to find insight. They need understanding so that they can digest and follow what we teach.
This applies to all children learning to absorb the subject matter. They need good focus so that the child's memory will be able to store the material being taught.

The child with special needed

The teacher must pay attention to the child so that every child will be able to receive it. Especially for children with special needs, of course, requires greater focus.
Based on my experience since 2001, I now know a little about how to help children with special needs students.
I wouldn't call them suffering. I prefer to use adjectives. I don't even want to call them people with disabilities or deficiencies. I prefer to use the word "Unique" as a designation for them.
I see what many people call flaws with advantages that have yet to be explored or exposed. Even in the guidance institution that I manage there is always this unique child. Among them there are autism, hyperactivity and other uniqueness.
When we teach them we are required to devote our attention with all our heart. In fact we also pay more attention when talking or chasing them. Because, if we talk without paying attention to them and they don't pay attention to us then there will be no contact.
Usually when we ask something when they are not looking at us then they will give a surprising answer.

this is one of the unexpected answers when he asked the side dish he ate, instead he answered with a rickshaw.If this happens continuously and a solution is not found immediately, it can certainly become more difficult.

In cases like this we must understand that these unique children are often in their world even though they are physically with us. What they think may not be what we are asking. It could be that when asked he was thinking about traveling by rickshaw, so the answer we got was a rickshaw.

How to overcome.

As long as I am entrusted with helping children with special needs, I take an inventory of their level of uniqueness. After finding a simple analysis then we can look for the right therapy. But in general, we will apply the following.

Calling their names until they look us in the eye.

I wouldn't talk to him if he wasn't facing us. When they can see our eyes and then hold their hand or touch their shoulder then we can talk.

Give massage.

With a gentle massage their muscles are no longer as stiff as they were before the massage. We can also give reflexology to the ear to provide nerve stimulation. This provides a stimulus so that children can focus more.

Brain Gym.

Brain exercise in the form of balance movements between the right and left sides will help them be happy. We also use the lazy eight, an image of the figure eight in a sleeping position. The lazy eight brain exercise therapy was invented by Paul E Dennison.

Using Games.

Games make children's day happy. While playing they will become much more focused. The game I use is cards. Cards that have writing on are used as balls.
We use our hands as a goal. Our children are asked to flick the card like a football player taking a penalty kick. Give encouragement so that they are increasingly challenged to insert cards into the goal. When successful, give praise so that they are more enthusiastic.

High five then pray for them

When you're done learning to high-five with your right hand, then your left, and both hands. Finally, ask them to pat the palms of our hands which we deliberately hold up. Grab their hand and hold it gently. Read the prayer in a voice they can hear. This will make them feel protected and blessed.

Those are some of the ways that I do when helping children with special needs learn. I hope that I will be able to dive deeper into their personalities so that they can be more beneficial to others.

Special thanks.




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