Steemit Engagement Challenge Season2 #week3 | Markdown Style Contest: Your Hopes and Contributions To The World Smile Project || by @simonnwigwe

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Hello guys
Welcome to this week's engagement challenge contest hosted by the steel for better life community as regards the world's smile project. In this contest, the community seeks to see our hopes regarding the project and also how we have contributed to achieving this project. In this blog, I will be highlighting my hopes as well as the ideas I think will help the project to do even better.

My Hopes for the world smile project

As a steemian, the world smile project is quite a very interesting project which I have not seen on any platform since I started blogging. I wasn't too conversant with the project when it all started until about 5 months ago when I saw a post made on the steem for better life community where they made support of 400 SBD contributions to western Indonesia to build a water system and a public latrine for the people. The link to this post is here. After seeing this project and how it was carried out, I decided to start following the world smile project.

What3words location:

There are many other projects hosted via the world smile charity account thereafter. I have hope for the project so much and I believe that if it continues in this same way, every part of the world will be touched via the steemit platform using the world smile charity project.

In my opinion, there should be a team constituted by the world's smile project that will have members representing each country and ensure that this project is taken rotationally. It is a world charity project and for that reason, no country should be left out. They should make it a point of duty to ensure they hold a project in every country each year and after which a detailed report be given from the beginning of the project to its conclusion.

I'm certain that the essence of this platform is to ensure that steemit reaches the ends of the earth and for that reason, I encourage steemians as well as the curator to always support the movement of this project in any capacity they can. I will ensure that every post made in this community has 20% of the total payout I was supposed to get as my contribution to the world smile project.

Before this time I have been supporting people here in my country Nigeria in my little way but it has not been too easy for me. I'm certain with the world smile charity project the burden on one person performing this task will be removed.

Here in my country, I will be taking you all on a tour of the church I'm currently worshipping which needs very serious support from the world smile project if necessary. The church which is located at Federal University here in the Wukari Local government area of Taraba State was left to be built with just the little offering made by members and that has caused us a lot, especially this season of rainfall.

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The images you are seeing above are images of the church services going on on a Sunday with rain falling on its members. The church needs support to put a roof over the head of its members. The project is very big and we don't hope to finish it immediately but if only we can get something over the roof of the church it will go a long way in ensuring that the project goes a long way.

I have in my little way contributed to the world smile project anytime I make a post in the steem for betterlife community. Though I only recently started making posts in the community from this need, I will ensure I drop posts here at least once a week and set some percentage payout to the @worldsmile charity account to help facilitate the project.


This is indeed a life-changing program and is sure with this program going on, a lot of lives will be touched all over the world. This will not only promote steem but wi go a long way in making the platform known and those who benefited wi defend the platform in its times of trials. Thank you once again for giving me this opportunity to participate in this amazing project that enables me to touch the lives of everyone around the world. I want to invite sincerely my friends @jasminemary, @yakspeace and @josepha to also join this contest.

20% payout goes to @worldsmile

Best regards

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Thank you for participating in the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season2 #week3 in the Steem For Betterlife community


Thanks for the review but my club status is 75 you wrote 5050


@steembetterlife, I do not understand the reason why you guys are labeling me club5050. Check my club status properly. I am in club75

I pray that one day you can be the initiator of the charity movement there, for a better life.


Thanks my friend for your prayer, i do hope same here because a lot of persons are suffering

Hello friend,I hope you can solve this problem in your church,you have a WSP leader you could address to and tell him about the church situation,he will evaluate the situation,because we steemians can help but it is more reliable for us when we send our percentage of rewards to the charity account,I hope you understand what I mean,you can receive the support for the church but you must channel with the WSP leader,I have recently supported the solar panel project and many teemians,everything is possible in union.


Thanks for the comment and suggestion. I will do my beat to search for the support.

Indeed this church you have shared need urgently support. I can see how everyone is getting wet by rain. How I wish I am financially stable I would have build them a new church. I pray for God Almighty to provide them a better place of worship. Thank you for sharing your post and also inviting me.

You have actually made a good entry my dear friend, the church at Federal university wukari is actually an issue for the people and they urgently need support. Let just hope for the best and support them in any way we can. Thank you for the invite, I wish you all the best.


Thank you my dear friend for visiting my post. The church in federal university wukari needs a roof on their head very urgently most especially this season of rainfall.


Seriously they do need support. Is not actually easy for them to worship in such condition. May God open doors for them.

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This is a great post. It's nice to support charity. Good luck in the contest

Hola amigo, que bueno que hace 5 meses pudo conocer este gran proyecto con las publicaciones en esta hermosa comunidad para realizar un sistema de agua en Indonesia.

Espero que la iglesia pueda recibir la ayuda necesaria.



Thank you my friend, i hope the church will also receive the support so that it can be built and completed to avoid the ugly incident that is happening presently.