Smilenigeria Second Project Report Progress[85%](March 26,2022)

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Hello Friends,

Smilenigeria would always prove its transparency as it was promised from the onset. And so, this is us keeping to our bargain. Knowing very well that our funds come from the steemit platform and most users who appreciate the work of the charity. This report would be shown here weekly to prove our fairness as we promised from the beginning. This will help users to appreciate how the donated part of their income through the distribution of rewards to this fundraising account is been used.

Some hours ago, WSP Leader, @ ubongudofot made a post about the update of the Second project . The post can be viewed here:WSP: Smilenigeria Second Project Report Progress[85%](March 26,2022),the steemit team mentioned to him that he should make such post in the smilenigeria account. Following that direction given by SC01, such updates would always be made here using the smilenigeria account.

You can see the chat below:


Please take note of this adjustment. And always come here for updates.

The project to donate School uniforms to less privileged students in Nigeria has been a smooth going one.
The essence of this initiative was to assist some less privileged students whom the parents can’t afford to buy them School Uniform.

Knowing very well that the world smile project is organized with the aim of providing assistance to folks and communities around the globe, this is not just to provide assistance casually but to the most affected especially when people are deeply in need when people are facing a tough situation like a natural disaster or other calamity befalling them.

Today is March 26, 2022, and here is the update report concerning the donation of School Uniform to ST, JOHN'S LUTHERAN SCHOOL, NUNG OKU AKPASIMA, IBESIKPO ASUTAN.
The tailor has successfully sewed the complete ten (ten Pieces) of male School uniform and 15 (Fifteen) Uniform for Females which has completed the 25 Pieces altogether. below are the pictures.

20220324_084500.jpgFor Males

For Female

As you can see from the pictures above, the clothes are almost done with

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Project Details

Potential Beneficiaries25
Plus Code :
Map:Google Map

We would update all of us on the progress of this project till we get to the end which would be a good thing.

we want to use this medium to thank all of you users for your support for sharing your beneficiaries to the smilenigeria charity account and the steemit team @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 so that we can respond to the most Pressing Educational problems in Nigeria and also the world as at large. we cannot do it alone without your intense support. Thank you very much. We appreciate the support of the world smile and the international team.

Updated by the WSP Leader for Nigeria @ubongudofot.

Cc: @el-nailul @pennsif @heriadi @miftahuddin @klen.civil @sofian88 @mariana4ve

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Excelente iniciativa espero ver pronto a los niños sonreír con sus nuevos uniformes

Hello dear friend, @STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE Please give me the link to the delegation below this comment. I want to work in the @Steem for betterlife community.