WSP Charitable Activities: The First Donation Of Educational Activities is 100% Done in Nigeria [March 8th, 2022]

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Note : 50% of this post payout is for world smile project program (@worldsmile)

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022, the activity of the smilenigeria project team was carried out successfully and it was to donate the Educational Materials to ST.Peter’s (RCM) School, Mbiabong Anyanya,Etoi, Uyo. This project was carried out in order to support a quality educational system in Nigeria. Through the sponsor @worldsmile, this project was successful. This donation was carried out by the WSP leader of Nigeria and his team members . The headteacher, staffs, and students of the institution were so excited and they expressed their appreciation.

We are grateful that we have been able to fulfill our promise of executing our first project here in Nigeria, this is just the beginning and we hope to do more with your support. We mark this event as a great starting point for us. And we are proud to say that we have also benefited from the world smile project.
We would update you all about our future plans, hopefully.
Below are some related photos at the time of the donation:







School NameST.Peter’s (RCM) School, Mbiabong Anyanya,Etoi, Uyo
Students Supported :504
Plus Code :XXV4+W9 Uyo
Map:Google Map

As you can see, it was a success. All Nigerians are welcomed and encouraged to be part of this great program brought to them by @worldsmile. you can support this program by setting 50% beneficiary for world smile project Nigeria via @smilenigeria account. If you want to support the entire world smile project, you can define the beneficiaries as follows:
25% for @smilenigeria and 25% for @worldsmile
35% for @smilenigeria and 15% for @worldsmile
40% for @smilenigeria and 10% for @worldsmile

Apart from managing beneficiaries, you can also send Steem/SBD to wallet @smilenigeria with the memo: Support world smile project Nigeria. so that more of this type of project can be realized as soon as possible.

You need to know that the acts of kindness that we do through the World Smile Project are not to enrich themselves but to give them a smile in all corners of Nigeria by introducing steemit to them.

For transparency in the use of donations from steemit users, you can monitor the use of funds from your @smilenigeria account live via Smile Nigeria wallet or the weekly report that we present on the Steem For Better Life Community.

The progress of each project and also an introduction to new projects would be updated here as well as the leader’s account. Let's all join together to support and spread Smiles in Nigeria.

We will carry out a very large mandate from all of you and look forward to your support and constructive criticism. for this achievement we also expect the support of the entire steemit team, thank you

Here we would like to thank all donors who contributed their income to the World Smile Project and smilenigeria until this project came into reality. And we want to say a thousand thanks to the steemit team through @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 who have fully supported every activity of the world smile project and smilenigeria. We also want to thank our world smile international team for all their support.

Let's keep donating...! and make Nigeria and the world smile.

@el-nailul @pennsif @heriadi @miftahuddin @irawandedy @klen.civil @sofian88

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We are proud of your hard work in supporting education in Nigeria. Hopefully this positive activity can be continued in all aspects. The World Smile Project was born based on the essential needs of the people who need our help. Steemit is a place for that, sharing and spreading kindness endlessly.

Hopefully the Steemit Team (@steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 and other)can continue to support this activity through its support so that Steemit continues to be promoted through charity activities like this.

Thank you Team Smile Nigeria

Cc: @el-nailul @pennsif @heriadi @irawandedy @miftahuddin @klen.civil @sofian88 @bien @mariana4ve


Thank you for your supports and the entire steemit team @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 and all the donors.

Mantap, semoga mereka terus mendapatkan pendidikan yang layak

This is beautiful. Thank you @worldsmile for extending your charity program to Nigeria we really appreciate your help. Thank you once again


We appreciate your supports.

It was this day that I realized that truly that name worldSmile and smile Nigeria truly fit this project, the joy and the jubilation on the poor kids faces was inspiring. I want to use this medium to thank @worldsmile and the brain behind it, I appreciate you💕All. The project was successful!


We appreciate your supports.

I am also I Nigerian it nice to see you do well on the platform

Good job Steemians friends and hopefully the children of the world can smile happily, especially for all children in Nigeria.
Regards :)


Thank you, we appreciate your supports.

This is an activity that is always awaited by beneficiaries around the world, I personally really support this positive activity and if you write in detail about the number of beneficiaries, the location of the activity using google map, what3word, plus code and conversion of aid realization in Nigerian currency to steem , that would be very interesting. Keep moving forward Smile Nigeria... Let's give through the World Smile Project


Thank you very much for your supports, your suggestion is highly appreciated and it has been captured now.

This project is good. We have already seen it's positive contribution to the lives of the children visited in their school many of such will still come in the future with all our various supports joined together.

Thanks so.much @smilenigeria

Good Job..massive support of education