WSP OFFICIAL REPORT - 1000Watt Solar Energy Finally Purchased !!! [26th June,2022]

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Hello Donors,

Smilenigeria would always prove its transparency as it was promised from the onset. And so, this is us keeping to our bargain.

Knowing very well that our funds come from the steemit platform and most users who appreciate the work of the charity.

This is the report of the financial activities that have happened in the account for the past seven days.

This report would be shown here weekly to prove our fairness as we promised from the beginning. This will help users to appreciate how their donated part of their income through the distribution of rewards to this fundraising account is been used.

Please note that in this report, there was a transaction of 1,304 steem that took place on the 11th June 2022 for the Purchase of the 1000Watt Solar Energy project.

An update about that transaction can be found on the previous Official Post which was made in this smilenigeria account that is Entitled: WSP OFFICIAL REPORT - Why We Had A delay In Implementing The Solar Project [17th June,2022].

However, after Cashing Out 1,304 Steem from the smilenigeria on the 11th June 2022 to an exchange wallet to carry out the project, during the process of exchange, there was a sudden fall again In steem Price, as a result of this, the smilenigerian leader Paused from the transaction and didn't exchange again, because it would be a big loss and won't still be enough.

Latest Update

After a Special Meeting and Consideration between the smile Nigerian Project leader and the international team of the world smile Project, it was brought to an agreement that the remaining balance to complete the Project Should be transferred and carried out the Project with the Current steem Price as at then, since Steem Price may Still not be favorable.

Following that development, the Smile Nigeria Project leader transferred out 508 steem to add up the already transferred 1,304 Steem summing up a total of 1,812 steem altogether transferred out.

The 1,812 steem was exchanged for Naira which is the Currency of Nigeria by the smilenigeria project leader. And a sum of One hundred and ninety-Seven thousand eight hundred and seventy-Six Naira (N197,876) was realized.

And the Goodnews

The good news is that the Solar PV has been finally Purchased. And Below is the receipt Confirmation of Payment.

Receipt of Payment



And another Expenditure which Comprises the Labour/Installation and the transportation Fair to transport the Solar Full Set was also taken Care of.

A full expenditure documentation concerning this project would be posted for public few soon.

The Next Step now is installation, but presently the smilenigeria Project leader is undergoing Some Special training On Solar PV from the Company he bought the Solar from which is in Imo State, Nigeria.

Full documentation of the installation Process Would be posted here till the Project is 100% done.

The training is Supposed to be round up in a few day's time, So by Next week, the Solar PV would be Fully Install in the Propose Location.

Concerning the recent Claim in the account, please look at it below.

An income report will be presented, all of which are in the account of the smilenigeria wallet in the form of SBD, steem, Steem power, and TRX.

Before now, we had 0.000 SBD, 1183.444 Steem Power, 642.828 Steem, and 1,121.081 TRX in the account of smilenigeria, but today which is 26th June 2022 After claiming Some rewards of 59.563 Steem, 59.569 SP, 56.468 TRX, there was no SBD.

Adding that to the previous balance we now 1,243.044 Steem Power, 702.391 Steem, and 1121.081 TRX as we can see below on the screenshot.

The screenshot below shows how the account was before and how it is now after the reward was claimed today to the wallet of smilenigeria by the WSP leader of Nigeria.

Screenshot_20220626-131845_Chrome Beta.jpg
Before our Claim of Reward

Screenshot_20220626-132023_Chrome Beta.jpg
After our Claim of Reward

We want to use this opportunity to thank all our donors around the world who have contributed their income by sharing part of their rewards to smilenigeria and we also want to thank the steemit team @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for all your support.

We aim at achieving our goal by providing Solar Energy Electricity in Nigeria and also supporting humanity around the globe through the direction of the world smile.

We are indebted to our international team world smile and the international body for this opportunity and for always making prompt posts on their various Accounts in Support and updates of this Project.

We are grateful for your attention, and hopefully, we can provide high-value feedback for steemit and steem at this time and in the future.

Let's keep donating...! and make Nigeria and the world smile

ubongudofot (WSP Leader For Nigeria)

Cc:@el-nailul @pennsif @heriadi @miftahuddin @irawandedy @klen.civil @sofian88

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Good Job... Hopefully all will be realized well, this is not only for Nigeria and should be developed for other countries with limited electricity. We will encourage this to happen. Thank @ubongudofot


Sure, not just for Nigeria alone but other Countries. And i am prety much sure that we can achieve this as well.

Thank you very much Bro.😊🙏

Good report , hopefully the solar electricity 1000watt project can shine a light on nigeria, Thank you @ubongudofot, you are a good steemian


Thank you very much Sir for your kind words ,appreciation and supports😊🙏.

I also want to thank other steemians who love charity, this is the only way great things could be done too.

Alot is still in stuck to be done and this will open more avenues for recruitment which would strengthen the steem growth.

Thank you for the great feedback and hard work my friend! I am counting the days until I can see those big smiles!!
It so near to being a reality.

I cant wait fir the final report whereby tye installation is been made

thanks to the steemit team for the support

This is goodnews thank you for the report, job well done ✅

Thank you for publishing the WSP report


It's my pleasure, we would keep going forward.

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