Achievement Mentoring for Newcomers and Dormant in the Newcomer Community

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The increasing number of growth of steemit users is an important indicator to provide open space for newcomers to get to know the basics of steem through an interactive learning media. Today we as a team of Steem Greeter (@heriadi and @radjasalman) and Greeter Helpers (@irawandedy and @nadilchairi) see Pre-completion learning of Achievement tasks consisting of Achievement 1 to Task Compilation to be an important indicator in supporting Newscomers to understand Steem as a whole so that completion tasks performed in accordance with the expected instructions when posting on the Newcomers Community.
The Covid-19 pandemic where the percentage of cases continues to increase every day provides limited space to carry out activities in the form of direct learning, to address this Steem Education Community tries to provide an online learning space through the Zoom App so that through this activity Newcomers can get education about understanding in solving problems. every Tax to be completed.

Work mechanism

Prior to mentoring through the Zoom App, we will map participants through the registration link distribution method in the form of a formApp. This link will be distributed via WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter and through other social media so that it can be reached by all newcomers and dormants.
We will monitor the number of interested participants through notifications that appear in the email, it is hoped that participants can reach a minimum of 30 people so that we can set the Zoominar schedule and through the publication of the Zoominar link in the next post.

How to Register as a Participant

Currently we have designed an online registration form that can be filled out by every Dormant and Newcomers as the initial stage of participating in Mentoring activities. The registration link is filled in in the form of biodata of prospective participants consisting of the participant's name, account name, email, cellphone number and address. This is done to make it easier for us to contact registered participants to follow the zoominar process/schedule that will be held.

The following is a link that can be filled in for pre-implementation of mentoring via the Zoominar App, participants can Click here to register. The personal data that prospective participants fill in is confidential and will not be made public.

How to Attend a Seminar

Every participant who has submitted the online registration form has the right to take part in the zoominar through the verification that has been done previously. Previously, participants were able to download the Zoom App application either through their smartphone or desktop device.
Participants who have filled in their biodata via the registration link can login by filling in their ID and passcode, the admin will verify each participant who has registered early to be able to participate in mentoring through the Zoominar App.

Matery to be Discussed

Zoominar Mentoring for Newcomers and Dormant is planned to be held on:

DateWill be determined if the participants reach 30 people
The placeOnline Via Zoom App
Time Duration120 Minutes
Material presentedAchievement 1 to Task Compilation
Mod/ Speaker@heriadi and @radjasalman for Achievement 1 and Task Compilation
Speaker@irawandedy and @nadilchairi for Achievement 2 to Achievement 6

The speaker will explain the important points that must be understood to complete the task on each achievement through the two-way learning method, meaning that each participant can discuss freely on the task to be made.
Hopefully, this Mentoring activity via Zoom App can provide education about the concept of writing each Achievement that will be written on the Newcomers Community.

cc : @steemcurator01 @heriadi @radjasalman @nadilchairi @cryptokannon @sofian88 @klen.civil and @miftahuddin

written by : @irawandedy

Note : The cover was processed from the implementation of mentoring to newcomers by @harferri which was held a few months ago at MIN Lhokseumawe

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Assalamualaikum kawa-kawan semua. Salam kenal untuk kalian. Izinkan saya bergabung disini


Silakan bergabung @f2i5, dengan meletakkan link achievement 1 di akhir postingan untuk diverifikasi menjadi member
Terimakasih semoga meyenangkan


Terimakasih bang @heriadi akan berusaha untuk yang terbaik.

Asai na @harferri bak cover meukham laju, yang ata lon kjeut hana teuma - ci jaweub siat @irawandedy 😀

Cc. @heriadi


Bek neukalon uronyoe, tapi neukalon lah beberapa bulan ukeu beh.

cc : @heriadi


Nyan bereh 😀 Good Luck to Steemit Education Community .. We glad reading this program, very useful 👍


Galom wate troek wate