Announcement about posts in the Steem Education community

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Hello, Everyone

The Steem Education community is a place to write about steem-oriented education, both newcomers or dormant accounts

In this case, we convey about what posts can be published in the Steem Education community, In accordance with the vision and mission of the Steem education Community

Steem Education community Vision

  • Learning Efforts about Steem, Cryptocurrency, Power Up Steem and Steem Investment

Steem Education community mission

  • Carrying out a Promo Steem
  • Encouraging newcomers to complete achievement tasks in the newcomer community
  • Motivate steemit users to Power-up steem and Invest steem
  • Get a steem investor
  • Presenting the latest information about the development of steem, power ups and investment
  • Hold contests related to Steem education, power ups and investments as well as crypto currancy
  • Support charities by @steem.amal


The Steem Education community is open to the public in all Countries to publish posts about:
  1. Steem education in the form of mentoring newcomers, tutorials and motivation
  2. Power up steem, Invest Steem and Cryptocurrency
  3. Organizing Contests related to steem education, power ups and investments and prizes are borne by the contest organizer with the permission of the steem education community team.
Prohibition for stemit users in publishing posts in the Steem education community

• Don't do plagiarism
• Don't use multiple accounts
• Not Spamming

If you violate the provisions we mentioned above, we will give a warning with a certain label according to the violation committed before removing it from the community

Thank you for your attention

Posted By Community Team

cc @steemitblog @steemcurator01


Every post published in the Steem Education community will mostly be curated with the community account, to increase voting power we open up opportunities for steem account users to invest by delegating Steem Power to the account

If you want to support the Steem Education community by delegating Steem Power, please select one of the links below

Delegation link for

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Hello,, do i need to get the verification tag before i post contents in this wonderful community?


You can put link achievement 1 at the end of the post


Please how do I get verified as a member of this community?


Alright, thanks

Here is the link to my introduction post in the newcomers community. Please I want to be a verified member of this community.