Announcement - Winners STEEM Investing and Power-Up Contest 15th

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First, we would like to thank the members' consistency in powering up so that these knots can continue to be published. As in the previous knots, the purpose of the contest is to increase user awareness of the importance of Power Ups as a way to maintain STEEM stability and increase user account strength.

Basically all contestants are winners, but we have to choose the best out of 10 contestants. There are 9 main indicators of assessment and this is the judge's reference in giving an assessment, hopefully the results obtained from this contest will not disappoint the participants because in principle this contest is held as a form of Power Up development as an effort to increase account strength, on the other hand, STEEM investment can grow so that the STEEM ecosystem will continue to grow.

The following table summarizes the participants' scores


Based on the scores obtained, we determined the 3 contestants with the highest scores, including:

  1. @tayetaiwo with score 85,71
  2. @alee75 with score 82,14
  3. @fikar22 with score 78,29

All three Contestants will get @booming votes and will be submitted Today.

I would like to thank all the contestants for their contributions and congratulations to the contest winners, the essence of this regular contest is just an effort to improve the user's habit of doing Power-Ups so that it becomes a culture that will continue to be preserved. Thanks to steemcurator01 for supporting this contest

Wait for me in the next 16th edition of the Contest, I'm glad to see you here regularly Power Ups and taking part in the Contest.

cc : @pennsif @disconnect

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Thank you I hope I can continue to power up and support the hashtags #club5050 and #club100

Thank God I was chosen as the winner, thank you very much to hopefully with this content it can support us to always do the best for ourselves with the hashtags #club5050 and #club100

Good day to you Sir, can you kindly tell me which post you accept in this community and its guidelines. Thanks in advance

Congratulations to all the winners including me

And thank you

congrats to all the winners

Very useful information..
We hope this program #club5050 or #club100 will be make us the best for the future,,